The exclusive sports experience for disabled friends debuts to experience the inspirational life of the little judo giant Li Kailin- Grocery Store

(Reporter Chen Zhiren/New Taipei Report) Free sports experience courses for disabled friends! On October 2, the New Taipei City Sports Office will invite Li Kailin, a three-time visually impaired judo player, to hold the first teaching experience class in her career to share with you the visually impaired judo; friends with disabilities are welcome to sign up. Experience the different vision of the little judo giant Li Kailin.

Photo / Li Kailin, a national judo player with visual impairment. (Photo/Provided by the Chinese Paralympic Association)

Hong Yuling, director of sports, said that Li Kailin, who was born in a judo family, began to receive judo training in the second grade of primary school. Because her family has a hereditary optic atrophy, her eyesight has gradually deteriorated, and her hearing has also been affected in recent years; Kailin said that the coach is usually guiding When I feel that I am learning slower than the average person, I will be very slow to receive the coach’s instructions, so the coach will repeat the teaching patiently, or raise the volume to transmit the message. The biggest goal at this stage.

Kailin, who usually trains judo at Bali Junior High School in New Taipei City, also arranges physical training at Xinzhuang National Sports Center once or twice a week. Kailin, who is newly married, has always been supported and taken care of by her husband and her husband’s family. He is currently working as a disabled care worker at Chang Gung Hospital, making care cards to encourage patients, and sharing with patients some mental journeys during training or participating in competitions. Through his own life stories, patients can see the hard work of disabled athletes.

Hong Yuling pointed out that on October 2nd, a visually impaired judo class will be held at the Banshu Gymnasium in New Taipei City. This is the first teaching experience class in Kailin’s sports career. Kailin hopes that through the experience, ordinary people can learn more about judo. Understand judo for the visually impaired; because judo needs to be learned from the basic movements, the experience course will design movements that are easier to start with, and will also be carried out in a step-by-step manner, breaking the public’s established impression of judo. Registration information for related courses can be found at Private message for the fan group at the New Taipei Sports Gathering Point.

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