The event is about to kick off and the first three-person basketball league in Shaanxi Province will be held in New Year’s Eve. You are invited to fight!

The event is about to kick off and the first three-person basketball league in Shaanxi Province will be held in New Year’s Eve. You are invited to fight!

2022-09-04 22:09:17Source: Xi’an News Network

In recent years, three-person basketball has set off a craze all over the world. This Olympic event, which is highly ornamental, interesting, confrontational, collective, easy to organize and widely participated in, has become an Olympic event with It is an art form of unique basketball competitive culture and a new carrier for the development of national fitness. On August 26 this year, the Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau officially issued a notice on printing and distributing the “Implementation Plan for the First Three-person Basketball League in Shaanxi Province”. Three days later, the plan was officially launched. Adopting a competition system, the township, district and county competitions will be held in September and October this year, and the provincial finals will be staged from January to February 2023.

“Three basketball, we Lao Shan like it very much!”

Three-person basketball is a brand-new basketball sport that has evolved on the basis of street basketball. It is not only suitable for different groups of people to participate in, but also forms a great complementary relationship with traditional five-a-side basketball, thereby promoting the development of basketball. Diversified development and opened up a new space for development. As early as 2011, FIBA ​​established three-person basketball as an official event. On June 9, 2017, the International Olympic Committee also announced that three-person basketball had become an Olympic event. At last year’s Tokyo Olympics, The historic moment when the Chinese women’s three-person basketball team won the bronze medal is still fresh in the memory of the fans.

Song Kexin (transportation breakthrough), who represented the Chinese women’s team in the 2018 three-person basketball U23 World Cup, is a native of Xi’an.

Wang Libin (first from left) presented the award to the men’s best team in the 2018 three-person basketball U23 World Cup.

Shao Fang (first from the left), deputy director of the Xi’an Sports Bureau, presented the award to the women’s runner-up team in the 2018 three-person basketball U23 World Cup.

Russian basketball legend Kirilenko was full of praise for the basketball atmosphere in Shaanxi.

In fact, Shaanxi basketball enthusiasts and fans are no strangers to three-person basketball. In October 2018, sponsored by FIBA ​​and Chinese Basketball Association, jointly sponsored by Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau and Xi’an Municipal People’s Government, organized by Shaanxi Basketball Volleyball Management Center, Shaanxi Provincial Basketball Association, and Xi’an Municipal Sports Bureau. The basketball U23 World Cup once set off a boom in the ancient city of Xi’an. The game not only attracted 20 high-level three-person basketball teams from home and abroad, but also presented a wonderful basketball feast for Xi’an fans, including Russian star Kirilenko. Many international basketball celebrities including Shaanxi gave a thumbs up to the basketball atmosphere in Shaanxi and the urban construction of Xi’an.

Shaanxi girls have won medals in the three-person basketball arena for two consecutive National Games.

Guo Xiaoni, the main player of the women’s basketball team of Xi’an Jiaotong University, is now a national player of the Chinese U23 three-person women’s basketball team.

“Three-player basketball, our old Shaanxi likes it very much, and our high-level team has done very well!” Regarding the vigorous development of three-player basketball on the land of Sanqin, as the vice chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association and the chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Basketball Association Wang Libin has the right to speak. In his opinion, a broad mass base is the cornerstone and source of motivation for the development of Shaanxi three-player basketball, and the Shaanxi women’s team won the three-player basketball youth group in the 13th National Games. The champion achieved a historic breakthrough. In the 14th National Games last year, the Shaanxi team won the runner-up in the three-player basketball women’s U19 group. These achievements have further promoted the popularization and promotion of the three-player basketball project in our province. It also gave birth to the upcoming first three-person basketball league in Shaanxi Province.

Three-person basketball, four-division league, five major sectors

Wang Libin, vice chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association and chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Basketball Association.

It is not difficult to find from the eloquent text and overall design planning of the “Implementation Plan for the First Three-player Basketball League of Shaanxi Province” that the development goal of this event is to become a “top event and a star arena”, under the leadership of the sports authorities and the provincial basketball association. In order to promote the construction of a strong sports province and the high-quality development of sports in Shaanxi, we must strive to build the league into a brand event that is “famous in the province and influential in the whole country”.

Specifically, “three-person basketball, four-level league, and five major sectors” will become the starting point and program for achieving the goal. Among them, “three-person basketball” means building brand events through three-person basketball projects as a carrier. It also involves the improvement of venue facilities and the creation of a temple in the hearts of basketball fans. The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Basketball Association said: “We hope to make full use of the existing venue resources through the drive of the league, and at the same time, encourage localities to build permanent Classic three-person basketball venues, such as the construction of a ‘three-person basketball park’ in the city, make it a city card, a temple for basketball lovers, and a nationally representative star arena.”

Huang Xiaoping, director of the Shaanxi Provincial Basketball and Volleyball Management Center.

“Four-level league” refers to a competition system that will establish four-level leagues in provinces, cities, counties (districts), and townships (communities). The “five sectors” means that the entire league includes five sectors: townships, communities, industries, youth, and clubs. Five themes are set up, and each stage of the competition is implemented around the theme of its respective sector. The theme and slogan of the township group is “Rural Revitalization, Basketball Helps”, “Dream Basketball, Better Life” is the slogan of the community group, and the slogans of the industry group, youth group and club group are: “Happy basketball, harvest health”, “Vibrant basketball, stimulate youth”, “Rejuvenate a strong country, basketball is promising”. In addition, the first three-person basketball league in Shaanxi Province will also make full efforts in improving social organizations, improving the quality of competitions, innovating competition models, promoting amateur levels, increasing market operations, and doing a good job in risk prevention and control, so as to enhance the overall efficiency of the league, Promote the development of the sports industry.

According to the plan, the first three-person basketball league in Shaanxi Province will adopt the competition system at all levels. Except for the township and county-level competitions and the provincial finals, the city-level competitions are initially scheduled to be fully launched in November and December this year.

Text / Jin Pengtu, All Media Reporter of Xi’an Press / Provided by Shaanxi Basketball Association



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