The emotional request for a hand in the Bilbao Multisport Triathlon

‘Kini’ asks his partner to marry him as soon as he crosses the finish line. / triathlon federation

Joaquín ‘Kini’ Carrasco has received the ‘yes I want’ from his partner after reaching the finish line and becoming European Multisport Triathlon champion in his discipline, Paratriathlon in the PST3 category

September 17, 2022. Joaquín ‘Kini’ Carrasco (1965), won the race of his life: the one to receive the ‘yes I do’. He did it after winning the Bilbao Bizkaia Multisport Triathlon European Championship in his discipline, Paratriathlon in the PST3 category. The test was held this morning in Bilbao.

The athlete from Extremadura, nicknamed the ‘grandfather of the Paratriarmada’, twice fulfilled his dream in the duathlon event. He crossed the finish line in first position, hanging the gold medal (the seventh metal in his career) and saw how his girlfriend, Natalia Manzano, accepted her marriage proposal.

Kini Carrasco, with the Triathlon Federation (FETRI) as an accomplice, crossed the finish line to retrace her steps to look for the triathlete, who was competing in her category within the Age Groups (40-44) and who finished fourth position. Both crossed the finish line hand in hand. Shortly after, Kini knelt down and proposed to a Natalia, visibly moved, who gave him the ‘yes I do’. «We are two lovers of sport, what better way than to ask him like this»

“I feel a double emotion, you had to ask for her hand in a way that was different from the rest,” assured a Kini with a still trembling voice. «We are both in love with sport, Natalia suffers what it is to work daily to be in shape, and what better way than to recognize it in front of all friends and in front of what our life is being».

“Kini has shown me again how lucky I am.” Natalia, girlfriend and future wife, assured that “it has been a surprise, Kini is surprising me every day and showing me how lucky I am to live with him.” “He still shakes my hand!” Natalia concluded by showing her request ring.



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