“The diamond is forever” wins the Invictus 2022 Sports Literary Award | Baseball Mania

“The diamond is forever. Ten stories to fall in love with baseballby Mario Salvini, received the Invictus Sports Literary Award 2022The proclamation in the ceremony that took place last night in Cisterna di Latina, in the presence of the five finalist authors: Emanuele Atturo with Roger Federer really existed (66thand2nd); Franco Baresi, with Free to dream (Feltrinelli); Gianfelice Facchetti with Once upon a time in San Siro (Piemme); Moris Gasparri for The power of victory (Salerno Editions).
“The diamond is forever”, published by Terre di mezzo Editore, is a journey into dreams, hopes, enterprises and human affairs of which Major League Baseball is a real mine.

Ten epic stories, incredible comebacks, championship victories expected for over a century, large and small businesses that tell us about sport but also about the culture and society of the United States of America. The human depth of Jackie Robinson, the timeless myth of Yogi Berra, the legacy of Derek Jeter, the Italian-American pride of Joe DiMaggio but also the almost unknown stories of Hank Biasatti and Piero Bertoia …



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