The “community of 10,000 people” in Xi’an is booming

The “community of 10,000 people” in Xi’an is booming

2022-09-23 11:47:58Source: Xi’an News Network

“Our military industrial community is located in Zhangjia Village Street, Beilin District. It consists of 16 residential communities, with a permanent population of 5,168 and a total population of 10,802. In the basketball and table tennis competitions of our first community games in Xi’an this year, our community representative team All the players have achieved good results, and everyone feels that life has become better because of sports!” Liu Xiaoying, Secretary and Director of the Military Industry Community Party Committee, introduced with a smile.

Sports build a “bridge between hearts”

In the 16 residential quarters of the military-industrial community, sports venues and equipment can be seen everywhere.

After an autumn rain, the ancient city ushered in a sunny day again. On September 22, when the reporter walked into the free table tennis, dance and yoga activity room open to residents in the military industrial community, he immediately felt “I participate, I am healthy. ” national fitness atmosphere: bright and clean sports space, brand-new sports facilities and equipment, perfect epidemic prevention and control procedures, and smiling faces, the community governance concept of “because of sports, better” has really come true. .

It is understood that in recent years, the military industry community has insisted on holding various cultural and sports activities, which not only allowed the residents to exercise their bodies and showed a vigorous spirit, but also enhanced the residents’ feelings with each other, united people’s hearts, and created a positive community. Ambience. “If the masses want to participate in fitness and improve their quality of life, they need a venue, equipment, and someone to organize. These are the tasks that our grass-roots community workers and party members should think about and do.” Liu Xiaoying said frankly, in addition to building new projects In addition to planning sports venues and equipping fitness equipment in the community, she and 11 other staff members in the community go to the grassroots level every year to regularly check the fitness equipment in the old community, and dismantle and replace the old and damaged equipment. “In June last year, our office address was moved to the Cultural Building on Hanguang Road. It is a must to open up a sports space with more complete facilities and a better environment for community residents. Therefore, we specially planned and renovated the table tennis room. , dance yoga room and chess and card activity room are not only equipped with ball tables, dance mirrors and comfortable tables and chairs, but also purchased massage chairs, decorative paintings and other supporting facilities. For more than a year, this place has been open to residents in our jurisdiction free of charge. Everyone The enthusiasm for participating in fitness activities is getting higher and higher.” According to Liu Xiaoying, who has been busy serving the grass-roots community for the past 14 years, building a higher-level public service system for national fitness has narrowed the distance between grass-roots party members and the masses. The movement is like the “Linking Heart Bridge”, which not only promotes the communication and communication between the community residents, but also makes the community workers and everyone’s hearts stick together.

“Athlete” expresses his heart

“This dance and yoga activity room can be described as ‘a sparrow is small and complete with all the internal organs’. Floor-to-ceiling dance mirrors and professional dance bars allow us to detect shortcomings in time and make improvements when practicing dance. Thinking about dancing outdoors often When it rains, I can only hide under the overpass and keep rehearsing. Today’s environment and conditions are really good.” Xing Guixiang, 69, is a coach and member of the “Golden Apple” art troupe in the military industrial community. She started ten years ago. She has been a beneficiary of national fitness, and a witness and witness of the military-industrial community’s “because of sports, better because of sports”. “In recent years, the most impressive thing is that our team represented the community in participating in the city’s square dance competition. Although the sisters made careful preparations and hard rehearsals in order to splendidly perform “My Motherland and Me” through dance, they still failed to do so. Thinking of winning the second place in the first competition, the sense of honor and happiness that comes from adding luster to the community is still fresh in my memory.” Xing Guixiang said that their dance team, with an average age of 60, is still alive today. Attract newcomers and insist on training, “We would like to sign up for the square dance competition of the first community sports meeting in Xi’an this year. In addition, the sisters will step up their rehearsal for the upcoming National Day and Double Ninth Festival. Everyone has a feeling in their hearts. The group was ignited by sports and fitness!”

The flame in the heart was ignited by the national fitness tide and the community sports meeting, not only Xing Guixiang and the members of the dance team, but also the “sports experts” of the military industry community basketball team. They held the first community sports meeting in Xi’an not long ago. The team captain said: “Our slogan is ‘participation’. Although we didn’t win the championship, the neighbors became more harmonious by participating in the community games. The sense of teamwork and ‘community honor’ that comes from playing as a team is more satisfying than winning a championship.”

“Community Games, we still want to participate!”

Huang Yu (right) once served as an English translator for Lang Ping, Tian Liang and other famous sports players.

Before retiring, 59-year-old Huang Yu was an English translator in the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shaanxi Provincial Sports Bureau. The 1986 Women’s Volleyball Four Nations Invitational Tournament was successfully held in Xi’an, and the famous diving star Tian Liang won the first Olympic gold medal in his personal sports career in Sydney in 2000. Inseparable from her dedication and dedication. “I practiced rhythmic gymnastics when I was a child, and after I worked in the sports system, I always insisted on playing badminton and table tennis. Now that I am retired, playing table tennis for two hours a day is also an essential part of life.” Held not long ago In the finals of the table tennis team competition of the first community games in Xi’an, Huang Yu, who played on behalf of Beilin District, won the seventh place with his teammates from the military industry community, “My performance is not bad, in the women’s singles competition in the team competition, I Winning every game has won a lot of points for the team. Of course, the coach’s guidance and the united struggle of teammates are also the highlights and fond memories of the game. For the next community games, we have an appointment and we will form a team to participate. “Huang Yu, who is good at shooting straight and attacking, said with a smile.

68-year-old Li Minxia and 57-year-old Liu Dongming are Huang Yu’s teammates and residents of Feitian Garden District, a military industrial community. They not only participated in the community sports meeting as mixed doubles partners, but also organized an amateur table tennis team in the community. , attracting more neighbors to participate in the national fitness. “It has been 37 years since I moved from Weinan to Xi’an. When I first arrived, there were not many people participating in physical exercise, and the fitness venues and facilities in the community were very simple. Now, we not only have our own lighting stadium, but also Being able to form a team to participate in the community games has really changed a lot.” Li Minxia said emotionally, while her mixed doubles partner said: “There are too many masters in the community games, we have found a technical gap, and then we need to be more devoted. Training, and strive to have a better performance in the next competition.” Liu Jinming, a retired vocational teacher who missed this year’s community sports meeting for some reason, came over and said, “I wonder if the community sports meeting is held every year? Yes, I must sign up for the competition, I am quite confident in my strength!” The 63-year-old Liu Jinming’s tone was full of anticipation.

Text/Photo by Jin Peng, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Newspaper. Some pictures are provided by the interviewee



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