The City Council will promote the practice of judo in Cadiz schools

The Councilor for Education of the Cádiz City Council, Ana Fernández, held a meeting with Carmen Calvo, Director of Communication of the Royal Spanish Federation of Judo and Associated Sports, to launch a series of initiatives that promote the practice of this sport in the educational centers of the capital.

Fernández has highlighted that “the benefits of practicing judo go beyond those inherent to the practice of a sport. There are studies that support how helps improve self-awareness or empathy, how it serves as a tool to work against bullying and also in this case for the visibility of women in a popular sport in Cádiz”.

Thus, on October 22, and as a prelude to the 49th Raúl Calvo International Memorial Tournament, which will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of the month, there will be a kids judo party to which students from educational centers in Cádiz will be invited.

In addition, the mayor has advanced that they will develop judo exhibitions in different Cadiz schools for the promotion of this sport, which “has been shown to generate habits of good behavior in youth and children, creating awareness and respect for others”, meaning that the students who practice it tend to play “a role of mediators against situations like bullying.

From the Teaching delegation the practice of judo will be encouraged throughout the course, also valuing its ability to make the role of women visible thanks to the successful career of athletes from Cadiz in this activity.


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