The captains Jenni Hermoso and Irene Paredes, also out of the selection

Jorge Vilda, during his press conference at the Ciudad del Fútbol in Las Rozas. / Photo: efe | Video: EP


Jorge Vilda does not summon the 15 rebels, the injured Alexia Putellas, nor two footballers of enormous relevance who do not renounce Spain but are against him

In addition to the 15 international players who have refused to be called up for the Spanish team and, as announced, were not called this Friday by Jorge Vilda, two of the captains have also been left out, Jenni Hermoso and Irene Paredes, who although they have not resigned from the national team, they do support the demands of their teammates. The coach has decided to do without the 15 rebels, the injured Alexia Putellas, who also publicly positioned herself against Vilda, and two footballers of enormous importance in the national team who, although they did not sign the controversial emails sent to the Spanish Federation of Football (FEF), implicitly demand the departure of the Madrid coach, who has not considered resigning.

The earthquake that has shaken women’s football has also fully affected Jenni Hermoso and Irene Paredes after the team’s all-time top scorer agrees with the dissidents, “although not with the forms”, and after the first captain from Spain was one of the visible heads of the so-called Las Rozas mutiny. The absence of the group of rebels in the call for the next friendlies against Sweden and the United States was sung, but until this Friday Vilda’s reaction to Hermoso and Paredes was unknown. “The 23 who have come are the ones who deserve it,” settled the coach when asked about Pachuca’s forward and Barça’s defense.

With less than ten months to go until the 2023 World Cup, none of the 18 mentioned already counts for the coach, who has had to draw up a revolutionary call that means a step backwards for Spain as a result of the revolt of a majority of footballers against Vilda, who did not they want to represent Spain “as long as the situation is not reversed.” The players estimate that the coach’s continuity “is significantly affecting” his “emotional state” and, therefore, his “mental health”. “In the concentrations there must be order and discipline, but the players have their days and afternoons off and there are professionals in the FEF to be helped and understood,” Vilda replied to defend herself against the soccer players who accuse her of exercising excessive control over them.

“Global Ridicule”

For the coach of the national team, totally backed by the FEF for the moment, there is no going back in the conflict that Vilda describes as “ridiculous worldwide.” Not even if the soccer players apologized. “I’m not hypothesizing. The solution for me is the 23 summoned », assured who, after guaranteeing that he would answer all the questions, refused to answer many of those that were asked about the absent ones. “I have to summon players who are 100% committed to this team,” insisted who, however, considers that “the players (rebels) have to reflect and take a step forward.” “None of them has told me personally that they want my resignation,” he revealed.

“The stone has been thrown and the hand has been hidden, and you have to be brave,” Vilda claimed, after the wayward players have not publicly clarified the real reasons for their war with the coach. «Due to the lack of clarity in the message, certain doubts have slipped and it has been opened to have something extra-sports. Everything that has been mounted makes no sense. I challenge any of the players I have trained in my career, that if there is something that has not been an exquisite treatment, to come out and say that there was no respect or any fault in my behavior, “she snapped. She also demanded “maximum respect” for the 23 summoned, so that the internationals who want to defend Spain “do not suffer pressure so that they do not come to the national team.”

Ten from Madrid and only one from Barça, after Paralluelo and Sheila García fell

In the most controversial call in the history of women’s football there are up to ten players from Real Madrid, who recommended that their internationals distance themselves from the confrontation against Vilda and the FEF, and only one from Barcelona. Late this Friday afternoon, Barça striker Salma Paralluelo fell off the list due to muscular discomfort, as well as Atlético player Sheila García, also due to injury. Andrea Sánchez Falcón, soccer player for Mexican América, replaced Salma Paralluelo and Real Madrid defender Lucía Rodríguez replaced Sheila García.

Half an hour before the coach made his list public, Barça announced that Salma Paralluelo was suffering from “discomfort in her right thigh”, but Vilda questioned the young player’s physical condition and chose to summon the Barça attacker who had already he missed the European Championship due to injury. “If that injury is confirmed, it will go through all the official channels of the national team. If the doctors believe it is appropriate, he will return to his club », announced the coach in reference to one of the great promises of Spanish football, who finally had to give up her place. Up to eight Barcelona footballers reject Vilda, since Putellas and Paredes have joined the six players who signed the letter of resignation transferred to the FEF, so Real Madrid will be the most represented club on the 7th in Córdoba against Sweden and 11 in Pamplona against the United States. With respect to the 23 internationals who attended the European Championship in England in which Spain fell in the quarterfinals against the host, only seven players repeated in the call provided yesterday.

The 23 summoned:

Goalkeepers: Misa Rodríguez (Real Madrid), Mariasun Quiñones (Athletic) and Enith Salon (Valencia).

Defenders: Lucía Rodríguez (Real Madrid), Oihane Hernández (Athletic), Ivana Andrés (Real Madrid), Ana Tejada (Real Sociedad), Rocío Gálvez (Real Madrid), María Méndez (Levante), Olga Carmona (Real Madrid) and Nuria Radish (Barcelona).

Midfielders: Teresa Abelleira (Real Madrid), Anna Torrodà (Valencia), Maitane Lopez (Atletico), Maite Oroz (Real Madrid), Irene Guerrero (Atletico) and Claudia Zornoza (Real Madrid).

Forwards: Marta Cardona (Atlético), Ane Azcona (Athletic), Esther González (Real Madrid), Alba Redondo (Levante), Athenea del Castillo (Real Madrid) and Andrea Falcón (America from Mexico).



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