The brutal blow to Dane Jackson in the Bills-Titans

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A dramatic image was presented at the Monday Night Party of the NFL in between Buffalo Bills y Tennessee Titansafter the cornerback Dane Jackson suffered a very hard blow helmet to helmet by one of his companions.

The corner was making a tackle on the rookie Treylon Burks when he took the full impact of the linebacker Tremaine Edmunds; the action, which occurred while being totally unprotected, caused the neck of Jackson twisted violently.

The graduate of Pittsburgh remained inert on the field of play, so immediately medical services entered to upload it to one ambulance which took him straight to the hospital.

All members of the Buffalo Bills who were located on the side of the field entered the field to get a closer look at the attention for the 25-year-old player.

According to reports from the ESPN chain, the one chosen in the seventh round of the Draft of 2020 has shown limb mobilitybut will remain under review for further testing.

The information was confirmed shortly after by the public relations department of the Billswho assured that he is being treated for a neck injury.




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