The brawl in the family in San Lorenzo ended in bites, the attorney’s clarifications

In relation to the article published on 21 September, entitled “From the separation to the brawl between the families daughter-in-law and mother-in-law take a bite: four complaints”the ex-son-in-law is keen to make some clarifications through his lawyer, Maria Lavinia Benigno: “My client must take note of how the following can be read in the article: ‘Also seized a baseball bat with which the ex-son-in-law would have tried to damage his father-in-law’s car who, in turn, would have tried to run over him. ‘ he never held any ‘baseball bat’, or any other blunt instrument or object of any kind. Secondly he also points out that in the course of the events in question he never even hit in any way his father-in-law’s car or other things and / or people. Finally, my client specifies how in the context of the facts in question it was he who suffered serious damage to his person as he was hit by the aforementioned car “.



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