The bombs of Gabriel Pellegrino, president of Gymnastics, after the decision of the campus and the harsh accusations against Alemán

The Wolf president expressed all his discomfort after the measure taken by the footballers of not concentrating prior to the clash against Independiente. Also, he showed his anger at the team captain.

The institutional present of Gym It is not as good as football. Before the clash against Independentbefore the delay in wages, the campus made the decision not to concentratewhich generated the anger of the president Gabriel Pellegrino.

Despite not denying the debt, the president of Lobo admitted before TyC Sports What do you feel “pain for the decision of the players”. Furthermore, he said that what happened yesterday regarding the Vice President of the Nation made it impossible for the payment transfer to reach the soccer playerswhich caused the determination that sparked the controversy.

Gabriel Pellegrino in TyC Sports


Gabriel Pellegrino in TyC Sports

On the other hand, in dialogue with Radio The Networkexpressed his discomfort at the decision made by the footballers: “The ways of expressing the claim do not seem correct to me. The debt exists, but you have to understand the moment. The group does not push forward”. Furthermore, he added: “The Dream Team that we have decided not to concentrate. I am very angry. Gorosito likes to concentrate and he did not like the measure that the squad took”.

“Pay them, we are going to pay them. This is Argentina, not Switzerland. The money is there”he claimed Pellegrino. After pointing out that the debt with the players will be settled, the leader warned: “Now that they comply. Let them be champions and enter the Libertadores. When they ask for advances, the money will not be there”.

Regarding the debt, he denied that it is for three months and acknowledged that “It’s only a month and a half”. However, she stated what will happen if they can’t pay her off: “If we can’t pay, the Reserve will play”.

Gabriel Pellegrino exploded after the decision of the Gimnasia players


Gabriel Pellegrino exploded after the decision of the Gimnasia players

Gabriel Pellegrino, very hard with German Brahian

brahian german

The president of the La Plata institution had no mercy with the captain and the team’s reference. After the measure taken by the campus, Pellegrino He acknowledged that he will have a conversation with the Uruguayan once the conflict is over: “Once he gets paid, the only thing we’re going to talk about is the free throws that go outside.”

“Nobody wanted Alemán, he asked us for a favor and we did it. We brought him with extra kilos, we had to make him run like a sheep in Estancia to lose weight. He spent six months to get fit and now he doesn’t want to concentrate Before there were no problems, now there are”, Shooting. On the other hand, he said: “For not being up to date, he gets caught up with the youth players on the field. We have accountants within the campus”.

Gabriel Pellegrino, very hard with German Brahian


Gabriel Pellegrino, very hard with German Brahian

What happened to River’s debts for Nacho Fernández and Paradela

Pellegrino also referred to the situation of the Millionaire’s payments for midfielders. Regarding the current player of Atletico Mineirohe pointed: “They owe River and they owe us. When they get paid, only then are they going to pay Gimnasia. We don’t have to claim them”. On the other hand, he confirmed: “The Paradela thing was fulfilled, that’s it”.

Pellegrino, on River’s debts for Nacho Fernández and Paradela


Pellegrino, on River's debts for Nacho Fernández and Paradela

Gymnastics advances steadily for the renewal of Néstor Gorosito

Nestor Gorosito

Despite the debt with the campus, the leadership of the wolftogether with Pipo, has coach link extension on the way, which ends on December 31. The parties are so close to reaching an agreement that the official announcement could be made in the coming days.

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