The best dribble moves in NBA 2K23

Dribbling is one of the most common movements on the pitch. It helps you take possession of the ball when you are in different positions ranging from a shooting guard to a center.

Thankfully, NBA 2K23 offers a variety of dribbling styles to choose from. These styles have certain requirements that you must meet to unlock them and the following guide will look at the best dribbling moves for each position in NBA 2K23.

Best Dribbling Moves for Point Forward (PF)

Point Forward plays two roles on the pitch in NBA 2K23. Being a PF, you have to play in an advanced position while still managing to get the ball out onto the pitch.

With their physicality, Point Forwards are able to dribble and pass the ball quickly, assisting their team throughout the match.

Crossover on the go


To unlock this style of dribbling, you need to have a high ball handle. Kyrie Irving is perhaps the player with the best moving crossovers in the game on both current and next-generation platforms. He possesses high ball handling along with a perfect height of 6’2 which helps him dribble the ball faster than most players on the pitch.

Best Dribbling Moves for Attacker (SF)

For an all-play game on the pitch, the absolute best position is the small forward. Although he is shorter than a powerful striker, you will have a hard time managing this position as it covers all aspects of the game like ball handling, direction and shooting, making it a true all-round position.

Escape Size Up Package


To unlock the Dribbling Size Up Escape Package in NBA 2K23, you need to have above-average ball handling. Typically, the most suitable ball handling for a small forward should reach 90. Therefore, playing an elite small forward like the Akron Hammer LeBron James he himself will do the work for you.

Best Dribbling Moves for Point Guard (PG)

Point guards are considered to be the best dribblers and passers-by a team has to offer. Their main task is to protect the opposing team’s point guard and try to take the ball into their own hands. This makes a PC one of the most important positions on the field.

Moving behind your back


  • 90+ ball handle
  • Height less than 6’10.

Immediately you will need to be under 6’10 height, at least up to 6’6 which is considered perfect for a point guard in NBA 2K23.

The Moving Behind the Back is one of the fastest dribbles and who is better than the Six-Time NBA All-Star to perform this move, Damian Lillard.

Best dribbling moves for Shooting Guard (SG)

Probably one of the most difficult positions to master on the pitch is the shooting guard. The main goal of an SG in NBA 2K23 is to steal the ball from the defending opposing team and earn valuable points to their team for a clear win.

Moving hesitation


  • Ball handle 80+
  • Height less than 6’10.

Since shooting guards have a fair number of objectives in their table to complete, it is quite difficult to select a player who can perform the Moving Hesitation Dibble in SG position.

However, there is a player who is capable of such a dribble and he is none other than the 10 × NBA All-Star James Harden.

The best dribbling moves for Centro

As the tallest player on the team, the Centers have a lot to offer on the basketball court. Their skills skyrocket when it comes to playing near the basket on the low post.

Centers are highly regarded for defending their side of the basket as they score and rebound.

Giro in motion


  • Ball handle 80+
  • Height greater than 6’10.

Among all the names to choose as a Center to perform a quick Moving Spin Dribble, we recommend that you choose the basic one. Regardless of what elite players have to offer, by far the easiest and easiest Moving Spin to perform on the court is the Basic tour.

Which dribble style to choose in NBA 2K23

Below we’ve organized a list of all the top tier dribble styles to choose from in NBA 2K23. While some of them may be familiar as they are already included in the best dribble list while others can be chosen as alternatives.

  • Michele Giordano
  • Stefano Curry
  • Kyrie Irving
  • LeBron James
  • Damian Lillard
  • Trae Young
  • Kobe Bryant

What signature size to use in NBA 2K23

When exiting from a standing position, the Signature Size Up features provide a boost in speed that helps to overtake the defender on the pitch. Below are the best Signature Size-Ups in NBA 2K23.

  • Kyle Lowry
  • Trae Young
  • Steve Francesco
  • Kobe Bryant

Which signature size escape to use in NBA 2K23

Signature Size Up Escape is a feature that allows for a quick transition from Signature Size Up and offers easy combo dribbling for your MyPlayer. Below are the best Signature Size-Up Escapes in NBA 2K23.

  • Giovanni Muro
  • Luca Doncic
  • Kyrie Irving
  • Damian Lillard
  • Paolo Giorgio


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