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After working from home for nearly half a month, the climate in September has unknowingly changed from unbearably hot to a little cool. This refreshing feeling is very pleasant in the morning, but if it is placed on the high-speed rail platform at night, A cool summer dress will inevitably stretch the body’s cold protection value. The moment he stepped out of the carriage, the skin surrounded by the evening wind was showing regret.

Fortunately, I shook people. Outside the station, there stood a dark man of about 1.8 meters, that is, the protagonist of the story, A Ran, who said that dark is actually more inclined to the healthy wheat color of sports boys, but the saturation dropped a few degrees at night. He huddled with a group of black car drivers who were waiting to solicit customers, and looked around at the group of “guests” who had just passed the test. That kind of anticipation, searching and a little anxious demeanor made him fit into it, it was a bit like waiting for customers.

“Master, can the machinery factory leave?”

He glanced at first, then turned around quickly, looked at this old friend who he hadn’t seen for a while with a slight smile, and then replied with a slightly satisfied “I’m fat.”

“Damn, I can’t hold back a good fart.”

Under the emotional blessing of the reunion of an old friend, he held my neck and I barely hugged his shoulder. With this extremely awkward posture, we slowly moved to his green avocado-like SUV. Sure enough, Aran has not changed. He still has a unique obsession with green as he did in his student days.

As the car started, the song “Station”, which we used to sing most often during the club period, played on the radio. The two older boys in their thirties couldn’t help singing along. In the long-lost harmony, there was a moment, It’s like returning to the familiar and warm college days.


A Ran is my friend who has been with me for the longest time in my entire college career. He is not only my college alumni, club partner, summer work colleague, but more importantly, he also serves as a royal driver. During college, since we both belonged to the same machinery manufacturer, we had to rely on Aran’s car to pick us up every week after we got to know each other, so I felt very uncomfortable.

Although Aran and I live in the same family home, we are not childhood playmates. We only have a little contact with our parents. We met at the orientation party during the military training period of the university. At that time, as the freshmen who had just joined the school’s art troupe, we held hands and sang a golden song of our age “Meeting is a Song”, which changed the style of the welcome party from a concert to a village evening. But coincidentally, as the song sings, we not only met because of the song, but also became partners who traveled together for four years in college.

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Unlike me, who was exposed to games and animations under the influence of my brother since childhood, and then inherited the blood of the dead house naturally, A Ran is a sports boy when urinating, which can be seen from his dark complexion. In addition to the two hobbies of green and music, the third greatest joy in life is basketball.

Not long after the millennium, with Yao Ming joining the NBA as the No. 1 pick, the sport of basketball completely set off a wave of enthusiasm among the Chinese people. At that time, parents’ love for sports would be directly or indirectly projected on their children. Parents who believed that “playing basketball can grow taller” became more enthusiastic about the sport after being swept by the basketball boom. The tendency of children to move more from the green field to the basketball court for a while, and even the elementary school where I live, which is good at football, also added two basketball courts at this time.

At this time, A Ran, who was in elementary school, also came into contact with basketball for the first time. At first, he could only play on the staff basketball court in the family’s courtyard. Because the court was too close to the nearby staff dormitory, he would often smash other people’s glass directly when he played, so that all the residents on the first and second floors were later killed. Forced to install a layer of anti-theft net outside the window to prevent accidental injury by players.

Later, when I grew up to junior high school, I could play ball with the teachers and students of the same school at the school, or I could take a few classmates and go to the basketball court in the nearby community to find someone to play wild ball. According to Aran, when they were in junior high school, their English teacher “Brother Han” was a ruthless man who led the team to participate in the provincial college basketball game and won trophies. He once dunked multiple sports in the basketball game organized by the school. Teacher, become the idol in the hearts of the boys.

And he would also play a few tricks with Brother Han on the school court every day after school. Although he was abused every time and couldn’t find the North, he did learn a lot of practical skills from him.

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A Ran’s passion for basketball continued into college. When there was no class, he would always run to the school court with the basketball in his arms, and practice shooting with anyone or just himself. That’s why I occasionally play with him. After all, basketball is a compulsory subject for the high school entrance examination. Even a dead man like me can play a little twice and shoot a few free throws that I can barely score.

During the holidays, he would go to the basketball court in the nearby park early in the morning to have a fierce basketball competition with the uncles who practiced in the morning. feeling bad. It’s just that playing with the uncle once made him very distressed, because the uncle is often a martial artist on the court. Even when they get excited, they will take off their shirts and go into battle shirtless, sticking their sweaty front chest and arms tightly to you. The scene is very scary.

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“Then do you still play every day now?” I looked at his slightly bloated cheeks, which seemed to be a bit of a knowing question.

He didn’t speak, and pointed to several pieces of clothes piled up on the back seat of the car, among which was a very conspicuous purple-gold jersey. I knew it was his favorite jersey, the purple-gold No. 24.

I don’t know when it started, maybe after work, Aran’s life is no longer as regular and free as before, and he has less and less time to drive to the park to play a ball game, his favorite jersey. He kept it in the car all the time, in anticipation of a ball game. However, whether it was him or the jersey, this expectation came to nothing.

Nowadays, A Ran is more focused on work. Even if he has some rest time occasionally, he is more willing to paralyze at home, play a few games of “NBA2K”, and relax his tired body and mind in the virtual world. The No. 24 jersey that accompanied him on various stadiums, I don’t know whether the fate of the future will continue this eternal state of preparation, or hang it back on the wall, or spend the rest of my life in the dark and cramped storage room.

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