The balance of the first Sunday day in the 2022 season

What are the teams that have surprised and disappointed after their presentation in the campaign?

Friends of ESPN like every start of the season NFL, it is always difficult to take the pulse of the teams. That is, making team or match forecasts just after having seen a few plays in the preseason.

For the start of this campaign, the trend does not change.

But there are two ways of looking at this process; the teams that disappointed in this first week and those that surprised.

Of those who have disappointed in this first week, we could start with:

The new era at quarterback began with Trey Lance behind center.

Kyle Shanahan opted to give the offense a “turn” and decided to push Jimmy Garopolo aside and give the keys of the offense to a very young player who, despite his obvious athletic abilities, is a question mark as driver of the attack of the Niners.

Lance finished the game against Chicago with less than 50 percent completion rate and 164 total yards. Zero touchdown passes and one interception.

In addition, the field marshal of San Francisco he had 64 yards rushing. He was the best runner on his team.

We will have to give Shanahan the benefit of the doubt, who opted to invigorate the offense with an “all-terrain” player, but who today does not seem to be ready for big companies.

There is a saying “with the champion until he loses” and the champion of the American Conference has already lost.

Los Bengals they made their presentation in the current campaign before their public and ended up offering a mediocre exhibition.

Cincinnati He had everything to win, but he insisted on losing. She got it indeed.

Start with Joe Burrow’s four interceptions, the most in his career.

Then Evan McPherson had two kick attempts, an extra point and a field goal, respectively, that he couldn’t connect. So can not be.

This team seemed like it was just missing a good quarterback, to be able to return to the postseason. Of course, a tie like the one they got yesterday does not define their season, but facing a candidate to be the worst team like Houston and ending up suffering to rescue the tie, is not worthy of a squad like that of Indianapolis.

Neither Matt Ryan as the new driver of the offense, nor the more than 160 yards of the best running back in the league such as Jonathan Taylor meant much in this game.

Division champions in the AL South for the past three years, the Titans they made their introduction to the new season at home against a very limited squad, with a new head coach and a quarterback prone to turning the ball over in Daniel Jones.

Los Titans they were unable offensively or defensively to make a difference. Come on, not even his star running back Derrick Henry managed more than 90 yards.

In fact, the runner who contributed the most in the game plays with the Giants.

The surprises

The era of Matt Naggy at the head of the team is over and as if by magic the sun seems to rise in Chicago.

Justin Fields, your quarterback is by no means an elite player but yesterday he did just enough to add to the volume of the offensive game.

A total of 37 rushing plays and just 17 pass attempts to Chicago were enough in the victory against San Francisco.

Too early to “cast the bells on the fly” especially because San Francisco didn’t offer much either.

Another team from the same North Division of the National, the Lions They were a very worthy rival Philadelphia and despite the defeat they offered a very good exhibition scoring 35 points and losing by just three difference.

Jared Goff is no luminary, but he seems very comfortable with a good backfield and reliable receivers.

Detroit It will give good scares to big teams this year.

Los Falcons they had the New Orleans Saints in “a fist” and could not round off a victory that would have come in handy especially since it was a division rival.

One point was the difference and Marcus Mariota moved well to the offensive of Atlanta.

Atlanta he could finish last in his division, but this Sunday at least he was combative.

We said of Tennessee and his inability to overcome the Giants. But you have to give the “G-Men” a little credit.

First they were able to stop Derrick Henry and then on the other side of the ball they rushed a formidable display with Saquon Barkley, who finished with over 160 yards and a touchdown. I hope he stays healthy.

Credit also to his new head coach, Brian Daboll, who in the last seconds after scoring a touchdown, decided to go for the conversion and win the game instead of securing the tie against the Titans. Just Barkley got those two points.

Sure, today Daboll is a “genius”, but if he hadn’t gotten those two units he would have been a villain.

Either way, the dare is appreciated.

Is not that Washington You have beaten a great team. Jacksonville It’s not, but boy, did they look good in the hands of their new quarterback Carson Wentz, who despite having two interceptions had four touchdown passes.

Like other teams that left good feelings, we will have to give them time to confirm that they can be competitive, they were just the flash of a day.



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