The badminton quarry leaves samples of its level in the Master Sub13 and Sub17 of Xàtiva

The promises of the national badminton had a date marked in red: that of the Xàtiva Sub13 and Sub17 National Master. This competition brought together almost a hundred athletes, including many of the best Sub13 and Sub17 national badminton.

Among the U17s, Jofre Comella and Inés Costero, both champions of the individual event, shone with their own light. The doubles titles went to the pairs of Bernabé Padilla – José Antonio Serrano; Inés Costero – Belén Guardiola and Quique Gil – Sara Sáez.

At the Sub13 level, Guillermo Muñoz was the winner of the men’s singles and Mariona Ying was the winner of the women’s singles. On the other hand, the doubles of Hugo Gállego and Jorge Royo prevailed in the men’s event, that of Mariona Ying and Nuria Serra in the women’s and that of Raúl Hernández and Alicia Brao, in the mixed.

More information about the Xàtiva Sub13 and Sub17 National Master.



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