The Badminton Divisional Tournament in Beilin District of the Community Games was successfully held

“Feather” neighbors meet to compete safely

The Badminton Divisional Tournament in Beilin District of the Community Games was successfully held

2022-09-09 18:24:54Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News From September 7th to 9th, the first community sports meeting in Beilin District of Xi’an, the badminton project selection and divisional finals were held in the badminton hall of the comprehensive fitness center of Shata Road, Xi’an. Under the premise of strictly abiding by various epidemic prevention requirements, the participating sub-district and community teams competed on the same stage and met friends with the ball, demonstrating the gratifying results achieved by the grass-roots party building, community work and continuous promotion of the development of national fitness in Beilin District.

“At the moment of the epidemic, we are trying hard to try a new model of competition under the background of normalized epidemic prevention and control. That is to say, when the epidemic situation is relatively stable, we will create a protected competition environment through strict prevention and control measures, so as to maximize the protection of the community. The Games were held in a safe and stable manner.” As the organizer of the event, the relevant person in charge of the Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Beilin District introduced. On the last game day, when reporters came to the stadium, they also experienced first-hand scanning the health code, itinerary code, taking body temperature, checking the nucleic acid test results within 24 hours, wearing a mask in the rest area of ​​the stadium, monitoring body temperature at any time, etc. The epidemic prevention process and related measures, and all participating team members, referees and staff are also strictly controlled and strictly implemented, which provides a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of the game.

“This competition is divided into two stages: the selection competition and the regional finals. In the selection stage, we organized various representative teams from the streets of Beilin District to sign up for the competition with the community as a unit. The team members come from all walks of life. The enthusiasm and enthusiasm are very high. The last day is the regional finals. The top two teams will represent Beilin District to participate in the city’s badminton finals of this community games. Under the guidance and cooperation of relevant departments, we will do everything possible to ensure the event. It has been a complete success.” Du Gehu, a senior referee from the Shaanxi Provincial Badminton Association, has participated in the refereeing work of the 14th National Games and the Shaanxi Provincial Games. , He fully affirmed the splendidness and strict organization of this competition.

Tian Gengen, who participated in the competition on behalf of the Wenyi North Road community, is 36 years old this year. The busyness and pressure of doing business made him realize the importance of physical exercise two years ago. “Playing badminton started two years ago. I work from home, and I play with my family at home in my spare time. Later, I go to the yard to pull up the net and play against my neighbors. When I play, I’m in the pit. Now I play with golfers in the community every week. We went to the arena to play a few times together, and after playing and sweating, we were more energetic and more efficient at work.”

Ran Zhigang of the Shiyuan Road Community Team, Dongguan South Street Street, is 60 years old this year. He liked to play football when he was young and started playing badminton ten years ago. “Now that I am retired, I have more time to play and exercise. In addition, I I especially like to watch the Chinese badminton team’s games, and I will watch the live broadcast every time during the competition, and enjoy the match between the masters, which is really a kind of enjoyment!” Regarding this community sports meeting, Uncle Ran said frankly: “There are no masters among the neighbors. In addition, this year’s Community Games adopts the doubles team competition system, and the competition on the field is not only about personal skills, but also tests the tacit understanding with teammates, which is more challenging and more interesting.”

After some fierce competition, in the end, the Taiyi Road community and the representative team and the Xihe community team stood out in the regional finals and obtained the qualification to represent Beilin District to participate in the city’s finals. The successful holding of the Beilin District Badminton Project Trials and Divisional Finals not only strengthened the important position and role of the community in leading the grassroots governance by party building, but also brought into play the unique advantages of the community in mobilizing the masses, organizing the masses, and uniting the masses, fully demonstrating the At the moment when the epidemic prevention and control is normalized, the masses of Beilin District gather around the community party organization and the characteristics of the community’s continuous improvement and improvement of the service level for the people.

Text/Jin Pengtu, Omnimedia Reporter of Xi’an Newspaper Industry/Video Xie Wei, Omnimedia Reporter of Xi’an Newspaper Industry



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