the astonishing flashback of his brother Mathias who denies “any extortion maneuver”

New twist in the Pogba affair! Almost two weeks after the big promises made by Mathias Pogba, assuring in a video posted on social networks last August 27 that he was going to reveal explosive information on the Juventus midfielder, his agent Rafael Pimenta but also Kylian Mbappé, the lawyer for the 32-year-old striker, Maître Richard Arbib, published a press release this Friday and the change in position is quite impressive… If Mathias Pogba initially denies any involvement in alleged ‘extortion’, the press release specifies ‘external threats’ weighing on the Pogba family. Note that the lawyers of the Pioche had revealed, in a press release, that he was the subject of threats and extortion attempts in an organized gang. With this in mind, an investigation was even opened in France on August 3 with the services of the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police.

“Given the evolution of the case and its media repercussions, Mathias Pogba wishes to indicate with force that he is totally foreign to any maneuver of extortion with regard to his brother, Paul Pogba”, indicates the text. “It is clear that the difficulties experienced by the Pogba family are the result of external threats, of which the Justice, now seized, will take full measure. Mathias Pogba, who aspires more than anything to calm the situation with his brother, will henceforth reserve his word for the Investigating Judges in charge of this file, if necessary, ”we can read.

A complete about-face which comes after several much more threatening videos from Mathias Pogba. “I hope that you will not be fooled by an attempt to manipulate the media and the authorities”, had also recently launched the former striker from Tours.

Ambiance !



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