The archi-insolent averages of Victor Wembanyama during the pre-season!

Already ready to start a new season in France, Victor Wembanyama was quick to find his feet with the Metropolitans 92 in pre-season. He chained the good performances against professional teams, and his statistics are there to confirm it. After 5 matches already played, we can even say that a trend is emerging for the phenomenon.

At the dawn of this new season in the NBA, as very often there will be two categories of teams: those which will aim for the playoffs with more or less realistic chances, and then the others, which will rather prefer to collect defeats. For the latter, we can already stall organizations like the Thunder, the Spurs or the Jazz, or even the Magic, to name a few. Franchises that will want to lose on command, what is commonly called tanking, but do not talk to Adam Silver about it.

This tactic has only one goal: to appear better in the next draft, which could give rise to one of the best prospects of the last 10 years or more. We are talking here about Victor Wembanyama, who has a certain pressure with him. It must be said that Jonathan Givony, who is the draft expert of ESPN, has never supervised a youngster with so much potential to use his terms.

Dominator, Victor Wembanyama is a hit in pre-season

It is therefore not for nothing that the Frenchman is closely followed by many observers, even when it is a simple pre-season. The latter is also over for the Mets, who were able to play 5 games against professional teams. A way to gain momentum before a new campaign in France, especially for Wembanyama, who needs to play more and more. Given his personal statistics, we can say that he took advantage of his minutes to catch the eye of many people.

Victor Wembanyama on the 5 pre-season games: 23.6 points, 6.6 rebounds, 3.6 blocks, 55/46/86 shooting. 69.8% true shooting percentage. All that in 22 minutes against professional teams. It’s only pre-season but his offensive improvement in skill and usage + confidence was remarkable to see.

A real domination for Victor, like his last match where some highlights could be shared. We directly feel more confidence for the Frenchman, who will benefit from many minutes for what could be his last exercise in France for a very long time. With generous playing time and more confidence, no doubt Victor will put himself in the perfect position to land No. 1 in the NBA Draft in June 2023.

At the Mets, Victor Wembanyama already seems to have found his bearings on the floors, and especially with his teammates. His performances in pre-season are in any case promising for the future, even if the most important will take place in Betclic Elite, against much tougher competition. It’s up to him to stay away from injuries now.



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