The Ángel Nieto will host this weekend the City of Zamora National Master of Badminton | The Day of Zamora

The Angel Nieto pavilion will host a new national Badminton competition this weekend; specifically the N3 National Master of Badminton City of Zamora, in the absolute category, which will take place during the days of tomorrow and the day after in the municipal pavilion and which has been presented today at the town hall by the Councilor for Sports, Manuel A. Alonso, and the president of the Zamora Badminton Club, Aitor Llandres.

For the Councilor for Sports, it is a good opportunity to enjoy a different and very showy sport, in which there is an increasing number of fans. For this reason, he thanked Aitor Llandres for his work at the head of the Zamorano club, which he had already organized last June in Zamora and with great success in participating in the scoring championship for the national ranking. Alonso also stressed that from the Department itself is especially supportive of this type of sports competitions that are not majority but that help generate fans among the children of the city. He also showed his gratitude to the Federation for choosing Zamora for this competition and encouraged all the city’s fans to come to the Angel Nito pavilion this weekend to enjoy this competition “which is spectacular”.

The competitions will begin tomorrow from 9:30 in the morning, in the different phases and modalities, continuously until around 7 or 8 in the afternoon. And on Sunday morning, also from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., the semifinals and finals will be played. Registrations reach around a hundred players from different parts of Spain; and although Llandres stated that Carolina Marín will not be present, she did assure that the participation is very good “both in number and quality”, since the main national players will be present. The president of Badminton Zamora highlighted the work that is being carried out by the club for the development of this competition, which involves great organizational work, but assured that everything is ready to offer a good competition. Precisely this organizational work has made it difficult for Aitor Llandres himself to participate in the competition, which is why he assured that he has “that thorn stuck”, but he was convinced that if he organizes them again he will also prepare to compete.



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