The accusations against Jorge Vilda

Jorge Vilda, women’s national coach. / efe

The still women’s coach was criticized first for not having a sufficient sporting level and now because it harms the health of the players

Ignacio Only

Jorge Vilda clings, at least for now, to the position of women’s Spanish coach and continues with the support of President Luis Rubiales, who renewed him until next summer’s World Cup. “The FEF is clear that it is the project for which it has opted and will continue to support it without any doubt,” Ana Álvarez, director of women’s football at the highest body of Spanish football, stressed this Friday.

According to the FEF, Vilda is “surprised and disappointed”, but above all she is strong because she knows that her work and that of her coaching staff is good and that the FEF trusts her idea and her project”. «The work of the technical direction goes beyond those 15 players because in Spain there is talent of a very high level, with more, equal or less experience«.

In addition to the formula used, what has attracted the most attention in Vilda, her team and the Federation is that a month ago the players argued that it was a sporting issue, that they did not agree with the idea of ​​the game and the approaches what the coach does and that stagnated the progress of the team. Along these lines, the FEF recalls that “there were individual and collective conversations, as well as multiple meetings, and they admitted that changes had occurred.”

“They had never said that there was anything else but, nevertheless, on Thursday they stated in the statement that they are in a bad emotional situation and, therefore, in health. From here we would like them to be recovered as soon as possible, even if they were available for the weekend, that there is a League, ”Ana Álvarez exposes, ironically.

In the name of the Father

Jorge Vilda, a 41-year-old from Madrid, is the son of Ángel Vilda, who was a famous physical trainer for many years at Atlético de Madrid but also for Johan Cruyff’s Barça in his triumphant years. Jorge formed a tandem with his father in the FEF, when in 2010 he was placed in charge of the U-17 team while his father was in charge of the U-19.

With the U-17 he won two European Championships, two continental runners-up, a world bronze, a European bronze and a world runner-up. Three years later, he replaced his father on the U19 bench. In 2015, he rose to the position of senior coach to replace Ignacio Quereda, who resigned after 27 years in office, forced by President Ángel Villar, after being accused by his players of “abuse and homophobia.” He has been included among the ten nominees for The Best FIFA award for the best coach in women’s football.



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