The 6th Gyeongsan Mayor’s Badminton Competition’ held: PBS Central Broadcasting

▲ Gyeongsan-si – Photos of the 6th Gyeongsan Mayor Badminton Tournament held

Gyeongsan City held ‘The 6th Gyeongsan Market Badminton Competition’ hosted by Gyeongsan City Sports Association and organized by Gyeongsan City Badminton Association at Gyeongsan Indoor Gymnasium on the 24th.

The competition was heated by dividing into individual and doubles (male/female, mixed) with the participation of about 300 members from 10 clubs in Gyeongsan City. and encouraged the players.

This tournament is the first badminton tournament held in Gyeongsan in three years since the lifting of social distancing.

Gyeongsan Mayor Cho Hyun-il said, “Badminton is a sport that is loved by many people because it can be enjoyed by all seasons without any burden. I am very happy that the mayor badminton tournament has been held for the first time in three years, and I hope that it will be an opportunity to show off the skills that have been honed to the fans who have been thirsty for the tournament.”



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