That’s why Hansi Flick is confident for the World Cup in Qatar

National coach since August: Hansi Flick
Bild: picture alliance / foto2press

National coach Hansi Flick talks about the sometimes painful impact of football and family, crisis experiences with FC Bayern – and why he is very confident about the World Cup in Qatar.

The preparations for the last block of international matches before the World Cup will begin this Tuesday, and your book, “Im Moment”, will be published at the same time. Will you give the players something to read?

If someone is interested, I would give it to them, but that’s not the most important thing right now. It is crucial that the team focuses on the Nations League.

But why a book by the national coach – and why now?

The idea for this has been around for a long time, it came about together with my co-author, Jonathan Sierck, whom I know from my time as managing director in Hoffenheim. During my time off, we were in America together, we had a lot of interesting conversations and appointments and we got new ideas and inspiration in many areas. Other approaches for example how to learn and how to develop talents.



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