Terrifying confession of the former Czech junior representative. The coach abused her for over three years, she thought of suicide

Terrifying confession of the former Czech junior representative.  The coach abused her for over three years, she thought of suicide

In this case, all past and possible future sporting achievements go aside. The scars that it left on Tereza Vytlačilová’s soul and skin will not just disappear. She confided her terrifying story to the Bez frazí website about how she was abused by her own coach from the age of fifteen to 18.

Mr. K., as Tereza calls him in her confession, spotted her as an eight-year-old girl and brought her to the athletics group in Polička. Tereza was competitive and stubborn since she was a child, she wanted to win, and that’s probably how she got her coach.

She describes how at first he forced her to correspond with him every night, limited her outings with school and events with friends. Her every resistance was met with a firm rejection, she had to listen. Paradoxically, her sports results went up. The first major turning point and a moment that had already gone far beyond the line was the concentration before the first world championship, for which Vytlačilová qualified as a teenager.

Photo: Profimedia.cz

Tereza Vytlačilová (leaning forward) is now being helped by football. He plays for the Prague Raptors team.Photo: Profimedia.cz

“That’s when he started kissing me for the first time. Invite me to his bed,” said Tereza, who was only fifteen at the time. It is said that at every training camp, the coach ordered a room for himself and her, often with a double bed. “He always ensured privacy, where no one could see what he does with me,” she said.

Tereza collected titles in all-around events and increasingly specialized in the javelin. She was looking forward to a promising career, to disappear from places where she was not comfortable. She got it wrong. The pressure on her increased and the coach raped her for the first time. Her suffering was so great that she decided to confide in her mother and brother at home. She also told them that she has a girlfriend because she is not attracted to men. This was probably more of a shock to her mother than her trainer hurting her.

Nevertheless, the mother decided to confront the coach, but only him, not the police. Unsuccessfully, nothing was solved, on the contrary, it got worse. “There is probably nothing in sex that he won’t do with me. Oral intercourse, vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse. Humiliation. He disgusted me with everything. He left me nothing,” Tereza describes.

It all destroyed her, she resigned. She began physically harming herself and had suicidal thoughts. After her father found out about everything, better times began to flash. Tereza found the strength to leave the training group and file a criminal complaint against the coach. The court first sent him to prison for six years, later reduced the sentence to three and a half years, and finally released him after less than a year.

Vytlačilová had to seek professional help, without which, as she says, she would probably not be able to tell her story. She was also hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital and is slowly trying to return to a normal life. But it’s hard.

Another sport helps her with that, namely football. He plays for the Prague Raptors international team. “During those ninety minutes, I can rejoice, I share emotions with the whole team. After the final whistle, it will be over, but…” she says. But she is trying to deal with that as well. She hopes that her chilling story will help prevent similar cases from happening again.


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