Teo Hernández dies at the age of 75, delegate of Real Valladolid Basketball for the last seven

Teo Hernández, in the center of the image, holds the club’s scarf on the day of qualifying for the promotion play-off in the last season.


Former First Division football referee in the 1980s and 1990s, he joined the basketball club the year it was founded and played until the last play-off with Estudiantes on June 5

Luis Miguel de Pablos

Teo Hernández, known by the most veteran fans such as Hernández Velázquez and by the younger ones for his calm and calm appearance on the Real Valladolid Basketball bench, has died in Valladolid at the age of 75 as a result of a heart disease that His health has been undermining in recent months. In fact, he acted as a delegate in the last promotion play-off against Estudiantes with which the season was terminated, June 5, and from that same day his problems worsened to the point of being admitted with immediacy.

Teo, who joined the basketball club project at the hands of his son and general manager, Saúl Hernández, during the year of its foundation (2015-16 campaign), with Iñaki Martín as coach, last visited the Pucela Basket squad at the training session held in Pisuerga last Friday.

A week later his heart, the huge heart he had and for which he won over everyone around him despite his appearance as an absent man always in the background, has stopped beating and leaves the basketball family very orphaned and of sport in general in Valladolid.

The club will pay a very special tribute this Friday night (Pisuerga sports center, 9:00 p.m.) in the match that opens the men’s Cup of Castilla y León. An emotional memory in which there will be no lack of images of his work as a delegate on the video scoreboard, as well as a bouquet of flowers and a commemorative shirt in the place he occupied for the last seven years next to the officials’ table.

He was not known in the city only for his connection with basketball, since Teodosio Hernández Velázquez (Medina del Campo, 1946) peaked as a referee in the 1980s and 1990s, directing more than two hundred games in different categories. As a player he played in the lower categories of both San Nicolás and Arces, and even came to wear the blanquivioleta in youth under the command of Santi Llorente. He occupied a position in the center of the defense where he imposed his corpulence and facility for the aerial game.

A Fasa Renault worker, he entered the world of arbitration thanks to one of the factory’s suppliers, Jesús Ausocúa, as he himself recalled last May in an article signed by Santi Hidalgo in El Norte de Castilla. «It was he who told me why don’t you come to arbitrate? Said and done. I tried it and I liked it », assured Teo.

The basketball delegate with the soul of a soccer referee

Teo, the eldest of three brothers -Edmundo and Vicente also dedicated themselves to the world of refereeing-, debuted in the First Division at the El Molinón stadium in a Sporting-Cádiz match in 1991.

In his retirement from arbitration, he maintained the link as a national delegate, as an informer and shortly after in the Collegiate Training School with Rodríguez Santiago. He also spent a year as arbitration advisor at Real Oviedo. In 2015, and already retired, it was when Mike Hansen and married Javier proposed to him to join the club to carry out management tasks in which he endeared himself and won the affection of how many technicians and players have been parading through the Pisuerga pavilion.

“Here I feel like a father. What I am trying to do is improve everyone’s coexistence,” he pointed out to this newspaper in the aforementioned article in the month of May.

Rest in peace.



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