Tennis star Roger Federer ended his career at the Laver Cup

Tennis superstar Roger Federer (41) feels honored that his name always comes up when asked about the greatest player in the history of his sport. “I’m very proud,” said the Swiss, who ended his career after the Laver Cup in London (September 23 to 25, live on Eurosport): “When I won the 15th Grand Slam title in front of Pete Sampras won and broke his record, that was the greatest thing ever. The fact that I was able to win five more afterwards was a bonus. I am very proud of my records.”

After the decision to resign had matured in him for weeks, Federer lost a load. “I wanted to make sure that I felt safe that stepping down was the right thing to do,” the maestro said at a press conference on Wednesday. “And that’s the case. I am happy.”

initial worries

At first he was concerned that he might become emotional when the announcement was made, “because it means so much to me”. So it was out of the question for him to just do it on the tennis court. But now it is not difficult for him to speak about it in public.

Federer takes many memories with him into tennis retirement. “There are many and I can’t pick a single one,” he said when asked about his best moment: “Maybe my first Wimbledon victory. But I was lucky enough to have experienced many beautiful moments.” Among other things, he won eight times at Wimbledon.

He also went through several phases that could be described as a kind of mourning, said Federer. But now he is happy: “I wanted it to be really happy and powerful and in celebration mode, instead of the other way around,” he said when he said goodbye.



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