Tennis is dominated by centennials: Swiatek and AlcarazMediotiempo

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The 21st century has been a century marked by development, which has been reflected in tennis, a discipline in which the number 1 of the ATP and the WTA were born in himwith a quality that paints so that its domain period is prolonged.

Iga Swiatek debuted as number one in the ranking in April this year when I was only 20 years old; the Pole had already consecrated herself with important tournaments such as Roland Garros, Roma, Indian Wells y Miami.

Despite being effective in renowned events, the tennis union questioned its leadership in the classification, since it was given by the retirement of Ashleigh Barty, who dominated the summit for three years; still, Iga has overcome any criticism by winning another French Open and now the US Open, which holds her closer than ever to the top of the mountain.

Carlos Alcaraz is living his first hours as number one in the ATP, his last year has been a real takeoff without slowing down and that makes him the youngest in history to reach the top of the ranking.

He capped off his great season by winning the US Open; however, at 19 years old he has also won tournaments like Rio, Miami, Barcelona and Madridwhich have it as the tennis player with the most wins in 2022above Rafael Nadal who won two Grand Slams in the cycle.

The talent of Swiatek and Alcaraz has been demonstrated on the most important tennis courts, although now they face two challenges that only legends like Serena and Venus Williams or Federer, Nadal and Djokovic have been able to handle, which are persistence and pressure.

And this is how we begin the farewell to those of us who lived through the time of Serena and Rogerjust as those who saw the rise of Graff and Sampras or Navratilova and McEnroe or Court and Connors said goodbye, but we welcome the new blood that with a lot of future ready us to welcome the next sports stars.



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