Teddy Riner: His adorable Isis celebrates his 4th birthday, the champion shares rare photos with his daughter

For those wondering, Teddy Riner is doing great and he just showed it off for his daughter, Iris’ birthday. While he was forced to give up the world judo championships to be held in Uzbekistan in early October, some might have thought the French champion shot down by the news, but that doesn’t really seem to be the case. A real phenomenon, the judoka from Guadeloupe aims rather to be in top form in two years, for the Olympic Games in Paris. Double gold medalist and holder of 4 Olympic medals, the champion is a true legend of his sport.

Besides that, Teddy Riner leads a fulfilling family life and at 33, he is already the father of two beautiful children. With his companion Luthna Plocus, who has shared his life for many years, the judoka is the happy father of a little Eden, 8 years old and a little Isis, which has just celebrated its 4th anniversary. For the occasion, the sportsman pulled out all the stops on social networks to mark the occasion. Followed by nearly 840,000 subscribers on Instagram, the 2.04 meter giant posted a very nice message over the weekend to pay a nice tribute to his daughter. “A huge happy birthday to my little baby”he writes in capital letters and in English, followed by several emojis to represent his joy.

Isis and Teddy, already very accomplices!

And for the occasion Teddy Riner spoiled his fans with many photos and videos of him and his daughter. After a selfie where both stick out their tongues, we can see the adorable Isis in a pretty white dress and with beautiful braids. A 4-year-old girl who gets along very well with her big brother Eden and who is always there for her father when he needs her, even to wipe his brow after a fight! The judoka concludes this series with a cute video of Isis when she was a baby, enough to crack everyone in the comments, starting with his great friend, Clarisse Agbegnenou. The wife of Omar Sy, Hélène also goes there with her pretty message.



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