Talleres added a valuable point against the escort Atlético Tucumán as a visitor – Talleres – Sports

Talleres tied tonight 1-1 against Atlético Tucumán at the Monumental José Fierro stadium, for Date 19 of the Professional League.

Francisco Pizzini opened the scoring for the “T” 34 minutes into the first half and Ramiro Carrera equalized it, with a penalty that was repeated due to overtaking by Guido Herrera (he had saved the first), at the dawn of complement.

“El Matador”, which remains undefeated with Javier Gandolfi as interim coach (4 wins and today’s draw), continues to show a growing level compared to previous games.

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“Adding a point with the rising team is good. It’s always important to win, but when you can’t, and more in the way you did today, it’s good”, said the coach after the match.

On the next date, the “T” will receive Colón on Sunday, at the Kempes, from 8:30 p.m.

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On the horizon there is also a commitment to the quarterfinals of the Copa Argentina, against Independiente, who beat Vélez this Thursday. That match will be played on Wednesday, September 28, from 2:00 p.m., in Chaco.

“El Decano”, meanwhile, still undefeated at home, reached 35 units and continues to be in the fight: he is one point behind the new leader, Gimnasia.

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Match scores (by Gustavo Gutiérrez)

Atletico Tucuman

Charles Lampe 6

Martin Garay 5

Bruno Bianchi 6

Manuel Capasso 5

Matias Orihuela 4

William Acosta 4

Joaquin Pereyra 4

Ramiro Race 6

Ramiro Ruiz Rodriguez 4

Christian Menendez 4

Renzo Tesuri 4


Guido Herrera 8

Gaston Benavidez 6

Matias Catalan 7

Rafael Perez 5

Enzo Diaz 4

Rodrigo Villagra 6

Alan Franco 5

Diego Valoyes 7

Rodrigo Garro 8

Francisco Pizzini 6

Matias Godoy 5


Substitutes: Julián Malatini 6; Hector Fertoli 5

Full 3 Chain Drive

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