Stuffy in Tiki-Taka, Šmicer and Limberský got into their hair! How did Řepka figure in it?

When Tiki-Taka fans saw on Monday that the popular presenter Petr Svěcený sat Tomáš Řepka and David Limberský next to each other, they were waiting for this grenade to explode. In the end it didn’t explode at all. The Spartan stormtrooper spoke with insight and to the point all the time. However, there was a spark between Limberský and the stitched icon Vladimír Šmicer. What exactly was it about?

Emotions started to flare up when Svěcený showed the audience a video showing how the organizers of Sunday’s match between Viktoria and Slavia forced the visitors’ fans to take off their shoes on the mat in the rainy weather. The reason was simple. Prohibited pyrotechnics were sought, but supporters of both teams were able to smuggle them into the stands without them.

“I think it’s okay. There could easily be pyro in those shoes. They are fanatics who are able to pronounce it in any way. I’m fine with them being checked like that,” surprised Limberský with a sharp comment, forcing Šmicer to react.

“For me it’s dishonorable! Especially in the 21st century. We want the fans to go to football, and then we make them take off their shoes in the rain… I believe that this will never happen at Slavia because we are a big club. I believe it will never happen again.” blurted out a visibly upset Štístko, and Řepko, who was sitting next to him, agreed with him at that moment.

“I also believe that Slavia is a great club. On the other hand, as I have information directly from the firemen who were there, the Slavist guys were throwing nuts at the spectators. They urinated into cups and then poured it on the families. I think that Slavia is not such a big club yet,” hit back icon Victoria.

“Do you want tissues? Limba, it’s a disgrace to football what you’ve done to let the fans take their boots off…” thundered the former Liverpool player. “And your fans too, of course,” countered Limberský in a calm voice.

As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. And maybe Řepka, who was sitting between them, had it as well, who watched the whole dispute with a smile. “I still can’t get rid of the impression that sparklers, flares and firecrackers simply belong to football. Without it, it’s boring.” remarked the Spartan legend, who had been trying to keep this whole conflict rather a nomad.

In addition, both Limberský and Šmicer then assured Svěcené that they had no problem with each other.



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