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2020 was the test year, as it was an atypical campaign, but for 2021 and 2022 the rule was maintained, since each game goes to extra innings, both teams will start with a runner at second base.

When putting together the proposal for a 60-game season in 2020, a section was included in which it was confirmed that when reaching extra innings it would start with a runner at second base, a rule that was used since 2017 in the Minor Leagues.

Once it was used again for 2021, Major League Baseball decided to keep it for the 2022 campaign, and here are the details of this rule:

  • Every time a team takes their turn to bat they will have a runner on second base with no outs.
  • That runner will be the player who was last out for that team in the previous inning, or if applicable, will be a pinch runner.
  • In case of scoring, that run will be unearned and will not be charged to the pitcher.

The purpose of this rule is that the meetings last as little as possible both in terms of time and ticketsto try to avoid extra wear on the players, and to prevent the average game time from increasing.

According to the Minor Leagues, in 2017 74% of the games that went to extra innings ended after one or two innings, but with the new rule, the figure increased to 93% in each of the last two campaigns. Seventh Inning



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