Sports Broth from September 23, 2022

weekend competition

The Panamanian Flying Disc Cup starts today at the Emilio Royo Stadium at 6:30 pm For tomorrow and Sunday, the event sponsored by the Ultimate Association (Frisbee) will be at the City of Knowledge with the participation of 20 teams.

Finals in National Holidays

The organization of the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games revealed the competition calendar, with the awards for athletics, basketball, fencing, among others, from November 3 to 5.

Camp in Colombia

Panamanian fencers Jeilyn Celada, Angelyne De Gracia and Carlos Torres, with their coach Juan Garay, from the Club Soldados de Panamá Este, are in Colombia after being invited to participate in the Camp and competition organized by the Club Deportivo Estigia.

Famous youtuber is in Panama

Juan Carlos Viana Prieto, known as Juca in networks, is in Panama testing cars and was walking with the doll that Stevens Joseph walks, who he assured, met him in Mexico.

PYL Kingdom Games on the lookout

Gymnast Joseph Putaturo revealed that he is aiming to participate in the PYL Kingdom Games next year. “I invite gymnasts to take a look at the Professional Yinastic League.”

Taurus celebrates their Jade wedding

The bullfighting took advantage of the celebration yesterday, of its thirty-eighth year of existence, thanking its founder Giancarlo Gronchi. “Thank you Papa Gronchi! It’s already 38 years of a history full of many titles”, shared the club.

Sports envy?

Sports commentator Álvaro Martínez referred to the need for a soccer stadium that is up to the standards of the country. “What sins did we commit? expressed the journalist, listing the achievements of this discipline and giving Costa Rica as an example.

Cambian “Dogout” del Rod Carew

Major League Baseball reported that the Home Dogout at Rod Carew Stadium for the Baseball World Classic Qualifiers in Panama will be located along the First Base line.

Clinic to raise funds

The rowing club and stand up paddle shop in Panama will be offering a clinic this Sunday, September 25, in order to support Steve Bodden’s participation in the ISA World Championship.

The veteran shines in the LPF

Manuel “El Cholón” Torres, 43 years old and captain of CD Universitario, and Edwin Aguilar, 37 and leader of Tauro FC, are two of the oldest players in the Panamanian Soccer League.

Torres has in his palms to lift the cup for the fourth time as captain of the San Francisco Fútbol Club. He was also crowned four times with the United Arab Sports Club.

While Aguilar was champion of the local league four times with Tauro FC. He champion Uncaf in 2009 and as a scorer in 2007 and 2009.

Did they listen to Hector Brands? Yo

It seems that the calls for attention from the director of Pandeportes had their effect. This week, the MEF delivered a symbolic check to that entity for the sum of B/.3,711,731.90.

Did they listen to Brands? II

Héctor Brands, director of Pandeportes, had asked the MEF to see sports ‘not as an expense, but as an investment’, due to the budget cuts that have been made to Pandeportes.

Teams will arrive very soon

“Next week the teams begin to arrive, they will train at the facilities of Bruce Chen (MVP Sport City), facilities according to what MLB requires,” said Héctor Brands about the teams that will play in the Rod Carew, the World Cup qualifier of Baseball 2023.

Baseball dates and picks

Let us remember that the World Classic qualifier will be from September 30 to October 15. Six teams will compete for two places: Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, Pakistan, Nicaragua and Panama.

Up champion of San Carlos!

Roberto González, from Team Rali Giant, managed to consecrate himself in the first place on the podium in the first stage of the Vuelta San Carlos 2022, a competition that consists of four stages.

An idea that “did not materialize”

Some time ago, the COP and sports leaders, even Pandeportes, explored the idea that the district of Colón could host the Bolivarian Youth Games in 2024. However, the president of the COP Damaris Young stated that “it did not materialize” .



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