Serious 3×3 basketball with official rules! A total of 60 players in 3 categories participated in a hot day | Press release of Seventh Generation Project Co., Ltd.

SEVENTH GENERATION PROJECT Co., Ltd., which operates sports teams and plans and operates sports schools at the indoor and outdoor basketball courts “SG-Park”. : Takashi Maki) will hold a 3×3 basketball tournament for U-10, U-12, and adults at SG-Park on Saturday, July 23, 2022. I was.
On the day of the event, a total of 60 players participated in 3 categories, and about 100 people including spectators attended.

■ SG CUP supported by Amane Tsubo Baked Sweet Potato Specialty Store Overview

Date and time: July 23, 2022 (earth)
Venue: SG-Park indoor court
Number of participants: 60
U10 category: 5 teams, 20 people / U12 category: 6 teams, 24 people / Adult category: 3 teams, 12 people

■ Winning team

U10 Team Karasaki

U12 Team NINJA


■Introduction of sponsor activities

This time, as the SG CUP’s first attempt, activities were carried out by partner companies. For the memorable first event, we received support from “Tsubo Yakiimo Senmonten Amane”, a baked sweet potato sweets shop in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, and provided the opportunity to try Amane’s products at the venue.

・Participation reward
Special baked sweet potato sweets will be presented to all participants

・Trophy & sweet potato gift for the winning team/MVP player

・Court free open/rhythm jump event

■ Future plans

  • 11/26 (Sat)[14:00-17:00: U10][18:00-21:00: U12]
  • 11/27 (Sun)[10:00-15:00: Adults (high school students and older)][18:00-21:00: U15]
  • 3/25 (Sat)[14:00-17:00: U10][18:00-21:00: U12]
  • 3/26 (Sun)[10:00-15:00: Adults (high school students and older)][18:00-21:00: U15]

I want to play a little looser! For those who say, please consider participating in the “ENJOY CUP” where you can enjoy with your friends with original rules. The schedule is below.

  • 9/24 (Sat)[14:00-17:00: U10][18:00-21:00: U12]
  • 9/25 (Sun)[13:00-16:00: Adults (high school students and older)][18:00-21:00: U15]
  • 1/28 (Sat)[14:00-17:00: U10][18:00-21:00: U12]
  • 1/29 (Sun)[13:00-16:00: Adults (high school students and above)][18:00-21:00: U15]

Please check the SG-Park LINE account for detailed information such as how to participate.

■ Looking for partner companies

We are looking for partner companies who can support SG CUP as an event that is rooted in the region and promotes community formation and the health of residents.

● Significance and purpose of holding SGCUP

  • In recent years, urban sports such as skateboarding and climbing, which have become Olympic events and are beginning to attract attention, and 3×3, which is still a minor sport compared to 5×5, have become popular.
  • Promote the health of local residents by participating in sports through the 3×3 entrance (SG-Park also operates a fitness program using the court)
  • Formation of a community through interaction between participants of different ages and the natural connection of everyone who visits for the purpose of the event

●Benefits that can be provided to partner companies

  • Promotion for participants of a wide range of ages (LINE@, tournament sampling, exposure at the venue, etc.)
  • Improving image by appealing activities as a company that supports regions and communities (conformity with SDGs)
  • Court charter rights to activate internal communication, gym program membership fee discount/free, etc.
  • Helping you solve your company’s problems using sports and digital technology (promotion using LINE, production of digital advertisements, etc.)

If you are interested, please contact us.

■Overview of the Seventh Generation Project
Established on December 21, 2018 (Basketball Day).
Centering on attractive “urban sports” that can be enjoyed both casually and in earnest in the city, we aim to create a “three-way good” society (good for the seller, good for the buyer, and good for the public) rooted in the Omi merchants of Shiga. doing activities.
Co-owner of NINJA AIRS.EXE, a three-player basketball professional league team based in Shiga Prefecture. From May 2019, the SG-Academy, a basketball school that nurtures “life skills,” has been developed in Otsu City.
The name of the company, “Seventh Generation,” comes from the teachings of the Iroquois Native American tribe, “Think seven generations ahead when making decisions.” As the SDGs have become a global topic in recent years, the crisis surrounding a sustainable society is becoming more serious, but in Japan in particular, the interest is limited to only a few highly sensitive people. In response to the current situation, we will work on projects such as education, food, and community development centered on basketball so that many people can participate through entertainment.

【Establishment】 2018
[Representatives]Representative Director Takashi Maki Director Keita Yamamoto
[Business description]Operation of urban sports teams, planning and operation of sports schools Operation of sports facilities and restaurants “SG-Park”
[Head office location]3-27-1 Hiyoshidai, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture



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