Serie D, Asti-Gozzano: the post-match words of Mister Boschetto, Carta and Cannas

A very important point for Riccardo Boschetto’s Asti, who spoke in the press room of “Censin Bosia” to comment on the match against Gozzano: “I am proud of my boys – comments the Coach – who reacted with desire and determination to a lying result. The team is healthy and it has shown it again this time: a group of guys who are never going to lose, whatever the opponent is “

The former trainer of Saluzzo is also keen to point out a fact: “After the Fossano match of the last season in which we had largely conquered salvation, I want to reiterate how my team has not lost for six months. And in all these matches the boys who took to the field have always created and played to win: seeing the aptitude for a good game is not common in this square. Well, I’m very proud of this and I have to thank my players “

Asti who in some ways is inspired by Milan: “Obviously with the due proportions, God forbid. However, ours is a module similar to the one implemented by Pioli’s team. We are inspired by that type of game, we lack a little more dribbling skills but with our characteristics we can always be dangerous and I’m happy about this. We want to raise the bar and do it with our people, who among other things today (ed. Yesterday) were fantastic. This support must be there every game, the team deserves it because they give everything on the pitch and show it with facts “

For Cannas, one of the best in the field, this draw is worth a win: “This is a point that will weigh in the championship because it was won at the end of the match against a strong team, in my opinion the best we have faced so far. We are a young and hungry group, who want to get to the football that counts. I feel great here, the teammates are special and there are all the conditions for a great season “

Broadly sufficient performance also for Ignazio Carta, former player of the match who entered the second half: “I am very happy for the group, but especially for Demba Sow’s goal who deserved this joy because he always trains very well during the week and I really love him. Congratulations also to Gozzano, where I shared wonderful moments like the Serie D victory two years ago and of which I have a wonderful memory. We must continue like this with this desire, only in this way will we be able to go far ”



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