Sebastian Vettel thinks he wouldn’t make it to F1 if he started now: ‘It’s an elite sport now’

Sam Hall & Brian van Hinthum

Monday, September 19, 2022 5:29 PM

Reaching Formula 1 is of course not just for everyone. In addition to a good dose of talent, you often also have to have a lot of money from an early age, which is an obstacle for many young drivers to eventually reach the top. Sebastian Vettel is disappointed by this and calls the premier class an ‘elite sport’ in 2022.

Motorsport is generally a somewhat more expensive hobby for children than an average membership in a football, handball or volleyball club. Participating in karting alone costs a lot of money in terms of material and travel, and with the increasingly expensive life, more and more people are losing weight. Not to mention a possible path to Formula 1. According to calculations, the path to Formula 1 would even cost about eight million euros.

More and more expensive

Vettel is asked what he thinks of the possible German-less grid in 2023. “Maybe Germans are just very realistic. You know, motorsport has become more and more expensive. If I had to start now and was now seven years old, I would be there not sure I would make it. You need financial support at a very, very young age. It has transformed into an elite sport. Hopefully we take the right actions, especially to make it pay better when karting.”


According to the future pensioner, it could also just be that motorsport has simply become too professional over the years. “There’s just too much money going into it. Too much money is being thrown at the manufacturers. It’s hard to blame them. They also have to earn a living and survive. Maybe the problem is just that motorsport is too professional With professionalism you also get the financial picture. Now you have the salary ceiling in Formula 1, for example, but before that there was no limit and teams spent more than they had.”

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