Scicli – 2022 “Bearers of Joy” Award: 23 awards delivered

In the splendid setting of the Pata Pata di Sampieri, on Saturday 17 September, the award ceremony for the “Bearers of Joy” Award was held, which is awarded annually to people, entrepreneurs, associations that with their activities or ideas have contributed to the development and to the promotion of the city of Scicli knowing how to interpret the feelings, civic sensitivity and creative flair of a living, sensitive and industrious community.

To lead the evening the associates Gianluca Russino and Miriana Russino while to cheer the evening the master Carmelo Errera and the Scacciadiavoli.

The awards were presented by the President Giuseppe Zisa, the members of the board and some of the associates of the “Bearers of Joy” Association.

The Municipal Administration of Scicli was represented by the President of the Municipal Council Desirè Ficili, by the Councilor for Sport, Folklore, Traditions and Entertainment Gianni Falla, by the Councilor for Budget Concetta Portelli.

On the plaque of the Award, as usual, the sentence, full of socio-anthropological meaning, by the American anthropologist Margaret Mead was reported: “Never doubt that



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