Santander women’s basketball team qualified for the National Games

Santander women’s basketball does not stop delivering good news.

Fiber Hormigas recently won the title of the Superior League and before that the U18 National Team reached first place in the National Championship, in addition to the fact that several of its players were part of the Colombian National Team.

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Now, with that base from the under 18 team, which also came first in the National Basketball 3×3, Santander managed to qualify for the 2023 National Sports Games.

Under the command of coach Julio Rueda, the ‘hormiguero’ quintet took on the challenge of getting a place in the most important event in Colombian sport.

It was with several players under the category, because some of the leaders of the squad could not be due to commitments abroad.

However, the youth of the Santandereans was not an impediment to stand up to the rivals and thus ensure the long-awaited quota.

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The Qualifier took place in Medellin and there Santander ranked fourth, behind Antioquia (champion), Bogota (runner-up) and Cundinamarca (third).

“We went with a team three years under the age, because three of our players could not play due to university commitments abroad, and the games we lost were decided in the last minutes. The main objective was to qualify and we achieved it thanks to the work of many years, because this team comes from being champion under 14, under 18 and was also second in under 17”, said Julio Rueda, the technical director of the quintet of the region. .

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Now, Santander will concentrate on preparing to seek gold in the National Games, which he hopes to reach with a lot of international filming and with the entire squad, with the players who play in the country and also abroad.



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