Saint-André defends his players sent back to correctional, “they have always been transparent”

The two Montpellier players Enzo Forletta and Thomas Darmon will be tried in corrections in February for “aggravated violence”.

Montpellier players who will be tried in corrections in February for “aggravated violence” “have always been transparent“, assured Friday the director of rugby of the MHR Philippe Saint-André.

«I will talk about the case of our three players: Pierre Lucas, Enzo Forletta and Thomas Darmon. Firstly, they have always been transparent with the club because they revealed the facts to me the day after the problem. Secondly, you still have to know that the first person who was attacked without any motive was Pierre Lucas and that now we trust the justice system to do its job. We are behind our players, we are concentrating because we have an essential and very important match on Sunday against Stade Toulousain“Assured PSA at a press conference.

«I wanted to clarify some things, since in some media things have not been reported at their fair value. Pierre Lucas was in the hospital the same evening, he had a broken nose. I read that these were only two small slaps… From now on, we let justice do its job and we are behind our players“, he continued.

A fight in a nightclub

This summer, during the celebrations that followed the Hérault club’s first title in the Top 14, a fight broke out in a nightclub: first on the dance floor, when a man accused a club player of annoying his companion, before punching him in the face; then in the parking lot of the establishment when the protagonists came to blows.

Center Thomas Darmon and prop Enzo Forletta violently beat the disgruntled client, fracturing his jaw, according to local daily Midi Libre.

A customer involved in the fight, four days after obtaining the title of champion of France, is thus “summoned the same day within the framework of the same procedure for having been the author of beatingsLiable to a fine, the deputy public prosecutor of Montpellier, Jacques-Philippe Redon, told AFP.

Darmon is also prosecuted for having broken the nose of a guard who tried to intervene.

The three players were taken into custody on September 21 in connection with this case. Forletta and Darmon will be tried in court on February 13.

The MHR, reigning French champion, must receive Toulouse, leader of the Top 14, on Sunday, during the 5th day.



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