Roxanne Kwant (25): ‘Tinking with yourself doesn’t necessarily make you happier’ | Glossy

We proudly introduce her: WOMAN Glossy Young. Our editorial team’s youngsters, Anouk de Groot (25) and Mariëlle Wisse (30), have compiled 124 pages especially for young women and anyone who wants to stay young.

In this delicious song you get to know TikTok sensation Roxanne Kwant a little better. She tells extensively about love, juice channels, living with type 1 diabetes and shares her opinion about cosmetic procedures: “Tinking with yourself does not necessarily make you happier.”

We also speak to five women who became famous in one fell swoop. For example, the now 25-year-old Mina Marza tells what impact it had on her that she went viral at the age of nine. “Every week I still get messages from people who only now find out that I’m that here-not-sand-girl.”

“Huh, aren’t you in a relationship? How is that possible? You are such a nice boy?” Presenter Robbert Rodenburg is fed up with being asked why he is not in a relationship. In his very first column, he shares why it’s so frustrating when people ask about his relationship status.

We also went to bed with Lotte van Eijk and Deen. Because what happens to them between the sheets? “If it were part of the Olympics, our house would be full of gold medals.”

Of course, this issue also contains the best fashion items, high-profile reports, beauty stories and an extensive horoscope, so run to the store! Do you prefer to order the WOMAN GLOSSY YOUNG online? Then you can do that via this link.

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