Rome, Monday 19 September Pianeta Olimpia conference dedicated to fencing

(MeridianaNotizie) Rome, 16 September 2022 – Monday 19 September at 5:30 pm, in the Auditorium Hall of the Federations Building, the conference “Planet Olympia: the values ​​of sport told by the champions“Organized by Panathlon Club Junior Rome and dedicated to fencing.

The idea was born to promote sports ethics and culture among young people through comparison with sports champions, focusing on multiple sports disciplines. After the success of the event dedicated to wrestling and judo last May, this time the discipline concerned will be that of fencing, in the presence of several Olympic and national champions such as Enrico Berrè, Alberta Santuccio, Rossella Gregorio, Guillaume Bianchi, Davide Di Veroli, Olga Calissi, Chiara Mormile, Giulia Amore, Gaia Traditi and Alessia Di Carlo.

The event, moderated by the President of the Club and CONI Trustee of the Municipality of Rome II Lorenzo D’Ilario, will see the presence, in addition to the athletes, of various institutional personalities including that of the Group Leader of the Civic List Gualtieri Mayor Giorgio Trabucco.

The Trabucco Councilor underlines the value of these events because through them it is possible to spread not only the moral and ethical principles of sport but also the added value that it can give to a young person who approaches a sport for the first time. .

The new generations, underlines Giorgio Trabucco, need to be able to practice sport, a vehicle for promoting correct ideals such as inclusion, respect for others and for the adversary but also to have a healthy and correct lifestyle.

The task of the institutions, concludes the Parent Company of the Civica Gualtieri, is precisely that of giving the suitable tools to young people to be able to start sports and the conference on Monday can represent a valid way to learn about a fascinating sport like fencing.



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