Rodrigo De Paul’s 10 best phrases about the Argentine National Team and the 2022 Qatar World Cup

From the United States, the midfielder shared a topic that disturbs him but that he tries to improve for the good of the team thinking about Qatar 2022.

They have been waiting for your word for a long time. Argentine National Team. Today it is one of the benchmarks and the ideal partner for Lionel Messi in the Scaloneta facing the Qatar World Cup 2022. midfielder Rodrigo DePaul -or the engine of the team- spoke in the preview of the friendlies against Honduras y Jamaica, in the United States, for the FIFA date in September and surprised with some of his statements. All for the screen TyC Sports.

Rodrigo De Paul and the topic that disturbs him in the Argentine National Team


Rodrigo De Paul and the topic that disturbs him in the Argentine National Team

It is very difficult to be able to disconnect because someone reminds you again. There is less and less to go and the World Cup is in my head every day. The level that is seen after the Copa América 2021 is that of a team that is very committed and very excited“he explained By Paul in a heads up with Gastón Edul and Ariel Senosiain.

In this sense, the soccer player Atletico Madridwhere today alternates both in The league like in the UEFA Champions Leagueshared a situation that disturbs him a lot, but he tries to handle it as best he can, thinking about the good of the team for Qatar 2022.

I always say I don’t want it to start, because I probably won’t enjoy it. It’s a lot of pressure, competition, nervousness and anxiety, it’s very difficult. I try to enjoy this whole process, I would like it to be more, sometimes it is difficult for me. It will surely be crazy. One lives very focused and criticism can sometimes be even harmful“, he admitted.

And I add: “So you try to do your job to the best of your ability. I do enjoy the match previews and the week of training, but when the competition starts it’s hard for me. That led to a World Cup, the most important competition and for which one always dreams, I know that it will cost me a lot, everything“.

Asked about how he arrives in the face of friendlies against Honduras y Jamaicain the United States, the former Racing detailed: “Good very good. We’re coming off a tough loss in the derby (1-2 vs. Real Madrid), but playing a lot of competition. Physically and mentally I feel very well, in a good moment“.

“Competing is always important. From now on, what can be incorporated is very little. I think it’s important to continue competing because mentally it helps you and it’s going to take you the fastest way to reach the World Cup. The idea is to always reach 100 percent. The coaching staff already knows us a lot, playing or not at this time doesn’t I think that changes a lot. The idea and the base of these four years Lionel Scaloni has it“, he remarked.

Rodrigo De Paul and the other topics he touched on the Argentine National Team before the 2022 Qatar World Cup

Rodrigo DePaul (Fran Santiago/Getty Images)
  • His change of look, from dark to platinum: Sometimes a change is good. After some situations I went through, I wanted to add a little color to my life. Let’s see if it remains until the World Cup. In the Cup I had another cut, it went well, and we’ll see how it goes. I didn’t decide, but I’m happy with the look“.
  • From the separation with Camila Homs to the new love relationship with Tini Stoessel: “I don’t like injustice. I always say that I did not seek to be known, I sought to be a soccer player and I know everything that entails. I have a life like any normal person, who can separate or have their things. It is true that life led me to meet the person I am with now (Tini), who is well known and that made me sell everything that happens to us. We are two young people who in the end try to bring joy to the houses, she with her work and I with mine. What bothered me the most was not the injustices against me, but those around me: her, my mother, the people you love… People give their opinions, sometimes wanting to damage or sell some news, and I in my daily life I live very calm because I know how I always behaved. She always behaved in a very correct way and in our life she goes well for us because we do things without harming anyone“.
  • His present at Atlético de Madrid: “I like to be competing all the time. Then in relation to the minutes that one plays is what the coach decides. With this now that there are five changes, the number of minutes that a team is having is almost similar. TWe all play in Europe, each one in a team with a name, and many being protagonists“.
  • The difference between the European and South American teams: “The team showed that playing against Italy, the last European champion, they did very well. I don’t feel like we’re at a different pace. Each competition has its things, some are more physical and others dynamic. We are prepared to face any type of situation. We are very sure of the team we have. We face all teams that mostly play outside and we have competed. We have more than 30 games without losing. The one from Italy will have cleared some doubts, but not internally“.
  • The call of Enzo Fernández to the Argentine National Team: “It is an appearance that makes us very happy, the replacement continues to appear. These young men who are going to give you a lot. For us it is incredible, I hope that those of us in the middle (Leandro Paredes, Emiliano Martínez, and Giovani Lo Celso, among others) can help them today as Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María and the greatest helped us. I have no doubt that it will be an important part of the coming years“.
  • His connection with the Argentine National Team: “It is very strong. Winning two titles, being the player who has gone undefeated in the most games with this shirt after so many monsters that have passed. It is true that you also never finish feeling like a national team player because players are coming out all the time. We are a country that brings out incredible players and you have to keep working. I feel that people love me, that the group appreciates, respects and trusts me. And it is not a little. You have to be Lionel Messi for that and there is only one“.
  • His confidence in the Argentine National Team: “With this shirt you always have a plus to give. It is good and important to feel this way. It happens to me today because I feel very confident. I go out on the field and I feel that things are going to go well for us, I have a spectacular relationship with everyone. I feel as comfortable as at home and that makes it come across on the pitch. I will always give everything I have because I am grateful to have been born in Argentina. They made me live the most specular moments of my life. I will never get over the final in Brazil. There is something yes and hopefully it will be given to us“.
  • His technique with the referees and the challenge of Lionel Scaloni: “In my case, I talk a lot with the referees, in the court. I call them by the name, sharpen them a bit, ha. I know what pace I play. Then Nico (Otamendi), Lea (Paredes), Cuti (Romero) and me, the coach always farts a bit. because in the World Cup you have to be very careful with the yellow ones. Leaving your team today with 10 is very difficult. We have to know how to control ourselves. I think I can, in some situation the chain has come off and over the years I have improved“.

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