Rampage madness in league four: players were afraid for their families Sports

Rampage madness in the fourth division |

Players feared for their families

Rampage madness in the regional league!

The top game between FC Carl Zeiss Jena and Energie Cottbus (1:1) on Wednesday evening was about to be canceled because chaotic people from the away block shot rockets directly into the Jena spectator area. It’s a miracle that no one was seriously injured. The police later spoke of one injured person.

The shocked players worried. “We were in the dressing room and we were thinking. After all, that’s where our friends and families sit,” said Jena’s defender Burim Halili (24), visibly moved.

But how did it come to this?

The first clashes broke out in the first half when 50 Cottbus chaos broke open a door behind the grandstand and entered the Jena area. At this point, the police officers were still outside the stadium.

In the run-up, it was discussed that the police were present from the start. Jena’s head of the regulatory office Sebastian Wick (38) told BILD: “Of course it could have a preventive character. During the consultations, however, we came to the conclusion that the police should not be present immediately.”

FCC Managing Director Chris Förster (51) adds: “No one suggested a police presence in the stadium beforehand.”

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When the Cottbus fans managed to break through, the officials were there immediately and pushed the chaotic people back with batons and pepper spray. There were six arrests. The escalation followed with the pyro projectiles and the almost 20-minute break in the game.

Förster and Wick now have a lot of work to do, the events should be completely cleared up. The police initiated several investigations – including for breach of the peace and physical attacks on police officers.


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