Rafael Nadal cried goodbye again Roger Federer in his room

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Roger Federer said goodbye to professional tennis a few days ago and Rafael Nadal He shed tears for the Swiss farewell, not only during the event, but also when he arrived in his room.

“I’m a sensitive person, when you see someone you appreciate saying goodbye, it’s hard not to get emotional. It got a little out of hand, and the worst thing is that when I went to the room I just got emotional again. It was hard not to happened because of everything that was experienced that night”, declared the Spaniard.

“I’m honest, at that time I didn’t want Federer to win the final (Roland Garros 2009). It’s reality. At that time I had options to be number 1. What is true, I am a person who loves sport , and had beaten Federer in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. Someone who is so close so many times deserves to win and for him it was to complete the Grand 4. When he wins I get emotional and cry at home to see someone like Federer win at I have a great appreciation for it. It makes me emotional and cry. Sportingly, it was bad for me to win, but it seemed fair and logical to me”.

Nadal denied that his emotion was to think that his goodbye is also soon, and he managed to imagine what that moment would be like when he saw what happened with Federer.

“No, zero. I know that moment will come within X or X and a little more. At 36 and a half years old, we know that we are in the final stretch of my career, but I don’t think about it. I wasn’t excited about that at all, It was just the timing and the person retiring and the admiration for Federer.”

This was his relationship with Federer

Rafa Nadal spoke about his relationship with Federer, describing how their friendship developed, which you might think didn’t exist because of the rivalry, but it does exist and the way they get along is incredible.

“Like everything, it has its stages. It has been a relationship that was good from the beginning and that has grown stronger over the years. Somewhat normal people appreciate the rival, as long as the rival is good people. we understand well, we have different opinions in some cases as is logical. A bond of friendship has been created that will last”, confessed Nadal.

“On the track no (we have argued), off the track yes. I think that on the track I don’t think we have ever argued. Between us the relationship on the track has always been impeccable. Outside too, but sometimes we have had different points of view from what we want in our sport and we have discussed, it would only be missing,” he said.

He clarified that he knows nothing about a possible exhibition meeting at the Santiago Bernabeubut he asserts that it is something that he would like to do.



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