Queen Elizabeth II was a lifeguard herself

IHer Majesty had more than a flair for sports. She sent her husband to the opening of the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, and in 1988 in Calgary she was represented by the governor of Alberta. In 2012 in London she was picked up by “James Bond” for a “sky jump”.

A monarchical must, just like the finals at Wembley. At least when the Germans played, at the 1966 World Cup and the European Championship thirty years later. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, in the end queen meets captain. Elisabeth Windsor had a good word for Messrs. Seeler and Klinsmann.

Her sporting talent was long since deposited. The young princess was trained as a lifeguard at the Royal Life Saving Society, which was “very exhausting”, she told a young lifeguard who had resuscitated a child in a video conference last year.

When she received her award for her training at the age of 14, in the spring of 1941, she was very proud. The pool at the Bath Club in Mayfair, where young Elisabeth became a lifeguard, was soon after bombed by the Germans.



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