Quarrel in the street with baseball bat. Acquitted for not having brandished it – Onda Tv


SCANNO – He had ended up on trial for a serious threat, following a dispute that broke out following the attack of his dog, but the fact does not constitute a crime. A 44-year-old from Scanno, who was accused of attacking a fellow villager, brandishing a baseball bat from his car, with a lot of threat, got away with this acquittal formula, in front of the single judge of the Court of Sulmona, I’ll break my head, be careful what you do “. The dispute in public, would have broken out in June 2020 in the lakeside village, following the attack of the accused’s dog against the two dogs of the injured person. The tension has risen so much so that from the quarrel between dogs it has passed to that between humans even if the manners have not been so polite. The 44-year-old, during the altercation, would have pulled out the baseball bat to hit the injured person but during the trial, from the testimonies collected, it emerged that the accused had not brandished the weapon, unlike what was alleged in the charge. As a result, the founding and aggravating element of the threat offense has ceased. In the absence of a lawsuit, the judge acquitted the 44-year-old, defended by the lawyer Alessandro Margiotta, as the fact does not constitute a crime. In fact, the procedure was initiated ex officio after the intervention on the spot by the police for the findings of the case.



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