PSG: after Neymar against Juve, Mbappé still forgets a partner and creates controversy

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Mbappé totally snubbed Hakimi

Mbappé has completely forgotten HakimiPhoto Credit – Capture Prime Video

In the 76th minute of play, while PSG were still looking to make the break in Lyon, Kylian Mbappé benefited from a golden counter ball and above all an incredible opportunity to give the ball to Achraf Hakimi, who accompanied by taking a Lyon defender in a hurry. But instead of serving the one who is nevertheless close in the locker room, in an ideal position, Mbappé played it solo, before the action finally failed. What arouse heavy criticism, especially on social networks which have not spared the number 7 in Paris.

Neymar had already been forgotten by Mbappé

Kylian Mbappe

Mbappé forgot NeymarCredit Photo – Capture RMC Sport

The controversy is all the more lively as Kylian Mbappé seems to be repeating these mistakes lately over important matches. A little over two weeks ago, the Parisian striker had already been strongly criticized for having forgotten Neymar during the PSG – Juventus match (2-1) on a 3-0 ball which would have avoided a much more ending of the match. stressful in Paris. While Messi and Neymar shine at the moment with their collective sense, this kind of action is not to help Mbappé win the hearts of the Parisian public who are starting to get annoyed little by little…

to summarize

Kylian Mbappé, once again, showed an excess of individualism last night during the OL – PSG match which is less and less popular. After Neymar in the shock against Juventus, it was Achraf Hakimi who was snubbed this time.

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