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Mr. Ma, whose annual salary is high. Re-challenge to MLB is also a thorny road (photograph / Jiji Press)

“This year looks like it’s going to be a big mess. Last season, all the players who got free agent rights stayed and didn’t move much.

Said Sports Paper Desk. Therefore, this magazine will deliver the transfer information of “Japan’s fastest” while it is still in the season.

Among the big names, the most notable is Seibu’s catcher Tomoya Mori. Giants, Hanshin, Rakuten, and Orix are already working to acquire him.

“As a catcher who can hit, all baseball teams want him. Hanshin is said to be actively working to revive the combination of the Giants and Shintaro Fujinami, who was in the Osaka Toin era. It’s decided.’This is because Rakuten has Ginjiro Sumitani, who coached Mori as an “educator” when he joined Seibu.Sumitani teaches Mori about catching and leading before every game. It was so thoroughly taught that it was called the “Sumiya classroom.” Mori has lost confidence in his skill as a catcher and wants to ask Sumitani to teach him again.” (Seibu reporter)

Rakuten has many players from Seibu, including manager Kazuhisa Ishii, pitcher Takayuki Kishi, and infielder Hideto Asamura, and is ridiculed as the “Rakuten Lions.” There are no environmental problems.

At Rakuten, infielder Asamura is the center of attention. There is information that Softbank is approaching quickly.

“For Rakuten, it is important to acquire Mori, but keeping Asamura in is the top priority.The strength of the game is still strong, and for Director Ishii, the biggest job is to keep him.This season’s annual salary is estimated at 5. It’s 100 million yen, but there are rumors that they actually receive more than that.

Speaking of FA, it is a giant’s monopoly patent, but it did not move last year.

“Because in 2020, we acquired two pitchers from Yokohama, Shoichi Ino and outfielder Takayuki Kajitani, but both of them fell short of our expectations. , Even this season’s CS participation is in danger, so I can’t say that.This season’s regular catcher, Takuzo Oshiro, has a bad lead and is shunned by the pitching staff.So what I want most is Mori, but no. In that case, I will shift to Lotte’s Tatsuhiro Tamura.He is a catcher with a proven track record because he is not getting along well with manager Tadahito Iguchi.”

In addition, the giant’s “desired disease” continues, “This is not the end.”

“Tatsunori Hara’s contract is until 2024, but if he wins next season, he may be dismissed. Therefore, I can’t be too fussy about it. As a pitcher, Hanshin Nishi Yuki is the core of the rotation, but within the team. If Hanshin declares FA, it will stop Hanshin, but it is a pose.In addition, Lotte’s Shogo Nakamura and Seibu’s Shuta Tonozaki are both utility players, and are the “prey” of the giants.They were fired from the majors. Yoshitomo Tsutsugo is also aiming.” (Same as above)

In addition, outfielder Kensuke Kondo of Nippon-Ham is a hitter who can always hit 30%, and it is said that there are many teams who move if they declare it. Among them, DeNA seems to be paying attention because he is from Yokohama High School.

On the other hand, in DeNA, it is a regulation route for the guardian, Yasuaki Yamazaki, to leave the team.

“For the past two years, I was overweight and couldn’t sharpen my ball. This season, I stopped eating my favorite sweets and lost weight, and two-seam came back. I think that is the last time, and I will boldly take on the challenge.” (DeNA reporter)

Rakuten’s pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, who has acquired overseas FA rights, is also one of the people who are attracting attention. He signed a two-year contract with an annual salary of 900 million yen, the highest amount in the baseball world, but the cost performance is too bad, with 4 wins last season and 9 wins so far this season.

“There is no doubt that he is being forced into a tough situation. It is said that when owner Hiroshi Mikitani saw Tanaka’s decline, he told his aides, ‘I don’t need him anymore.’ Tanaka has three options. Remaining.Moving to the majors by exercising FA rights.And it is rumored that he will join the giants in money trading.However, it is said that Rakuten has given him a “director’s note” for the future, and when he goes to the giants, this Bills will disappear.” (Rakuten reporter mentioned above)

Now off, which team will cry in the chaotic transfer market, where will the team laugh?


*Results as of September 22nd

( Weekly FLASH October 11, 2022 issue )



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