Powerful victory of the DIM in Ditaires

Independiente Medellín achieved a valuable victory (2-1) against Pereira in Ditaires and reached 19 points in the standings.

El Rojo, who had to play in a borrowed stadium, suffered a significant loss at the last minute, that of central player Víctor Moreno, who was unable to act due to tonsillitis and Javier Méndez appeared in his place, who fulfilled his role and also scored the second goal .

The team from Antioquia opened the account thanks to Andrés Cadavid’s penalty kick, at minute 37, after a handball in the area by a rival. And he extended the lead in the 83rd minute after a Méndez header, taking advantage of a free kick taken by Andrés Ricaurte.

a rough start

Although in the first few minutes the DIM felt uncomfortable and tried to adapt to Ditaires’ field, little by little they joined in and began to create dangerous options.

Díber Cambindo was again vital in the attack, because with his fight several risk options were generated.

In one of those arrivals, the penalty action was presented: the defender Carlos Ramírez, when trying to reject the ball on the floor, touched it with his arm and the central referee Edilson Ariza decreed the foul.

Cadavid charged in his style, strong, and Harlen Castillo could do nothing to prevent the fall of his bow.

With the score in their favor and a stadium full of fans, the Scarlets went to rest.

For the complementary part, Pereira looked better and began to generate arrivals over Andrés Mosquera’s goal, especially with medium-distance shots, starring Jhonny Vásquez.

But the DIM wanted to ensure victory and kept insisting and with Méndez they extended the advantage.

Leo Castro, who had searched for the goal from all angles, finally scored the 2-1 but it was too late (91′) for the visitor.

On the following date, those led by David González will meet, as visitors, against Envigado. They appear ninth in the table with the same points as Nacional (seventh) and Pereira (eighth), but they have a game postponed against Millonarios in El Campín.



Estadio: Metropolitan of Ditaires.

Referee: Edilson Ariza (Santander)

Assistants: Jonathan Ballesteros (Santander) and Jorge Narvaez (Cesar).

Assistance: 9,266 spectators.

DIM: Andrés Mosquera Marmolejo; Juan Guillermo Arboleda, Javier Méndez, Andrés Cadavid, Yulián Gómez; Adrián Arregui, Andrés Ricaurte, Vladimir Hernández, Felipe Pardo (Daniel Torres, 78′), Díber Cambindo (Miguel Ángel Monsalve, 93′) and Luciano Pons (Christian Marrugo, 69′).
Goals: Andrés Cadavid (37′, penalty) and Javier Méndez (83′).

DT: David Gonzalez

Driven out: there was not

Figure: Andrew Cadavid.

PEREIRA: Harlen Castle; Jhon Palaces, Andrew Correa, Carlos Ramirez; Jherson Mosquera, Jhonny Vasquez (Yilmar Velasquez, 80′), Jimer Fory (Duban Palace, 62′); Yeiler Goez (Juan Pablo Zuluaga, 46′), Maicol Medina (Leider Berrio, 62′); Jose Luis Sinisterra (Brian Leon, 46′) and Leonardo Castro.
DT: Alexander Restrepo.

Gol: Leonardo Castro (91′).

Driven out: there was not

Figure: Leonardo Castro.



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