Power Point Badminton | Physical Education Slide

Download Power Point Badminton and more Physical Education PDF Slides only on Docsity! BADMINTON RULES • It is played in 2 or 4; • To start playing, a draw is made; • The point is won by dropping the shuttlecock in the opponent’s field; • Each point is valid for the score; • Each set has 21 points and whoever gets 2 points difference first or reaches 30 points wins. HOW TO PLAY? • It is used by hitting the shuttlecock below the belt; • With the plate below the level of the hand that holds it; • Keeping your feet behind the baseline; • The flywheel must be directed diagonally into the opposite service field; FOULS Faults in the service: • To beat the service above the belt; • Beat the service in the opponent’s court outside the service area; • Tap the serve with your feet off the floor. Fouls during the game: • When the shuttlecock falls off the court; • When the flywheel fails to pass the net; • When the shuttlecock hits the player; • When the shuttlecock is hit twice during the same relaunch. Badminton is a form of complete physical exercise: players must use all their muscle groups. Although it mainly tests the lower limbs, and in particular the legs, buttocks, thighs and calf muscles. It can be considered both a sport of skill and of agility and endurance. THE MUSCLES



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