PMU – Arrival of the quinté of Friday September 23 at Paris-Vincennes: Grace of the Digeon above the lot

Arrival of the fifth: 11-14-13-2-5

In a batch of relatively average quality compared to what is customary on the Gravelle plateau, Digeon’s Grace (No. 11) has proven to be seriously behind in earnings. Grandissime favorite at 1.8/1, the resident of Charles Dreux imposed herself as on the parade. After an excellent start, the one driven by Éric Raffin took command with one lap to go. After a brief stint with Winner Mesloise (No. 12), she again settled in the lead and was never worried in the final phase. “She’s a classy mare,” confirms the winner’s mentor. She does it very well even if they went quite fast in the descent at the time she was relayed. »

Like the heroine of the evening, Great Tigress (n° 14) had to make twenty-five meters but, also started very well, she quickly made up for her initial handicap. Driven by Benoît Robin, it could not compete with its contemporary without being worried about obtaining second place. Good finisher, Girl of the Green (n° 13) completes the podium and leads Gloria Gwen (n° 2), which was able to withstand the good end of Gaul Sotho (n° 5).



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