Oderzo, 140 new refugees arrived at the former Zanusso barracks in three months. The knot of hospitality and spaces is reopened

ODERZO – The landings of refugees on the Italian coasts continue. Consequently, the arrival of foreigners at the extraordinary reception centers increases; the landings have raised the number of guests at the former barracks to 240 Zanusso. At the beginning of last July there were 100 refugees. With the continuous landings in recent weeks, new groups of migrants have arrived on several occasions. They come in buses from about ten places, not with large couriers that might attract attention. The mayor is embittered Maria Scardellato. Over time, the number of guests had gradually decreased, from over 400 units four or five years ago to the hundred or so foreigners who were present in July.

The places available for asylum seekers have also been increased in the former Serena barracks, the first reception center on the border between Treviso and Casier. Here, on balance, up to 137 more people can be accommodated. «In the face of the influx of asylum seekers due to new landings the prefect put pen to paper Angelo Sidoti it is necessary to find additional places for the reception of those assigned to the province of Treviso ». A survey was also carried out on other structures in the province which over time had hosted groups of migrants. But most of it was used in another way. And in essence today they are no longer available. So we look once again at the former Serena barracks. With the tender of last May the management service of the structure had been entrusted for a maximum of 300 places. Now the reference remains the maximum capacity, equal to 437 people, indicated by the Local Health Authority. The increase in seats will remain valid between now and November 30th. This, at least, is the time frame indicated in the provision by the prefecture. The additional expenditure until the end of November has already been defined at 145 thousand euros. At the end of November, then, the agreement will expire. And then a new confrontation will open. Meanwhile, on the management front of the former Serena barracks like hub for the first reception, continues the tug-of-war between the Nova Facility and Codeal, on behalf of Hilal and Leone Rosso. The first appealed to the TAR against the provisional award of the service to Codeal, obtaining the precautionary suspension. The next hearing was set for October 20.

In Oderzo, the progressive increase in migrants is directly proportional to the lengthening of the time required to carry out the projects that the Municipality had in the lineup, such as the sports town and the headquarters of the associations. “I know that the number has increased but I didn’t know it had reached 240 – says Scardellato – A few days ago the prefect spoke to me of some arrival of refugees from the Balkan route, but the numbers were much lower. In any case, I am very saddened because if there are new arrivals it means that the times to have the entire area available are getting longer ». The tile of the reception center fell on the former barracks at the end of 2015. It seemed that the free transfer of the compendium from the State Property to the Municipality. Instead the landings of migrants and the subsequent inspection of the then prefect Lega had changed things. A large portion of the barracks has been transformed into extraordinary reception centercoming to welcome over 400 refugees. In the meantime, the State Property gave a portion of the barracks to the Municipality for free, so the rugby body and society got to work to organize the playing fields.

The municipality’s goal is to create a sports polo with the disciplines of archery and indoor athletics in the hangars, and the social part of rugby, a structure was hypothesized for the “After us”, the guesthouse serving the sports facilities. «Even the Superintendency has asked us for spaces, there are crates of archaeological finds in the warehouse of an excavation company, they are our materials, ”the mayor told the city council on Tuesday. The mayor has always asked the authorities that the barracks be left completely free, with the transfer to the Municipality of the still state-owned part. But this solution is now receding. Instead, the arrival of the firefighters, who had reserved the former NATO area for Zanusso, is certain. “The decision is final, the firefighters tell us they have the funding for the new barracks. We are very pleased, ”said Scardellato.



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