Nico and Abde are subject to ‘the clause of fear’ with Barça

Nico Gonzalez might not face Barça when the Valencia visit Mestalla on October 30, in a match corresponding to matchday 12 of the League. The Barça club included in its transfer contract to the Valencian team the ‘fear clause’ that would prevent it, as MD has learned. A practice that had not been applied for a long time at the Camp Nou.

The refusal would not cover the three competitions in which the team of Genaro Gatusso, LaLiga, Copa del Rey and Spanish Super Cup, but only in two of them. The Barça club, which has the power not to use it, could agree to play as long as an agreed amount is paid and has not transpired.

He is not the only one on loan in this situation. Go awaywho plays in health Until the end of the season on loan, he is also subject to it and would not play on November 9 in El Sadar, in the last game before the World Cup in Qatar. With Alex Collado could also happen but finally, in the course of negotiations between clubs, it was decided not to include the clause. It would only have been applied to players who play in Spain.

Despite Sergi Busquets did not have a natural replacement, the Barça y Nico They decided on a change of scenery given the impossibility that he would not have minutes. The approval of the loan was quick before the start of the league, in the middle of August, and this clause was included in the negotiations, although it was decided, consciously or by mistake, not to specify it for the three competitions but only for two. LaLiga it seems that yes, as it is the maximum domestic tournament. Also for the Spanish Super Cup that is played in Saudi Arabia. Barça y Valencia They do not face semifinals and they do face each other in a hypothetical final that the player would lose. It is the Copa del Rey – there is no draw yet – he would be allowed to play.

In the transfer contract to Valencia, Nico It would also not have mandatory clauses for minutes or games played, nor any penalty if it does not end up playing regularly. Until now, the midfielder has taken part in all the matches of LaLiga. A total of 214 minutes out of a possible 540 divided between two starters and four substitutions.

sources of Barça consulted by this newspaper have neither confirmed nor denied this point, arguing that they do not explain the contractual conditions. It had been many seasons since Barça had applied this clause. In Spain, the Real Madrid yes, it has come to do so, producing situations such as that of Fernando Morientesa bloody case because playing for Monaco, his goals eliminated the white team in the Champions League.

Despite the refusal of international organizations, these prohibitions are not valid in domestic tournaments. Currently, the ‘fear clause’ can be applied because both LaLiga and the RFEF do not expressly prohibit this situation.

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